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Are you or a loved one thinking about having a baby?

mother and babyIf you are thinking about having a baby, it’s a time for planning and dreaming . . . a special time you’ll remember your whole life. Most importantly, it’s the beginning of a new family and a special relationship between you and your baby. Choosing an obstetric care provider is an important part of this journey. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about why UR Medicine is the best choice for you and your baby.  

Q: Why is UR Medicine the best choice for me and my baby? 
A: UR Medicine offers the most comprehensive obstetric care—everything you and your baby could possibly need. From prenatal testing, to complete maternity care by physicians and midwives, to management of high-risk pregnancies, to the region’s only children’s hospital if your baby needs extra care. 

Q: How many obstetric care providers does UR Medicine offer? 
A: UR Medicine has more than 100 obstetric care providers. 

Q: Do you have obstetric care providers near me? 
A: UR Medicine offers obstetric care providers throughout Monroe County and the Finger Lakes region.   

Q: How should I choose the right provider for me? 
A: It’s usually best to choose a practice located near your home or place of work. You can learn more about the providers at that practice online. Then simply call the practice to schedule a visit. 

Q: Can I choose the hospital where I have my baby? 
A: Yes! Our listing of doctors, midwives, family physicians and nurse practitioners is organized by hospital. So you can choose a provider who delivers at Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital or F.F. Thompson Hospital. 

Q: Will it cost me less to have a UR Medicine provider? 
A: If you have your health insurance through the University of Rochester, switching to a UR Medicine provider will save you money. 

mother and babyQ: How can UR Medicine help me with a high-risk pregnancy? 
A: If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you can be referred to Strong Perinatal Associates—Rochester’s most experienced OB/GYN practice for high-risk pregnancies. And if you need to be hospitalized during your pregnancy, Strong has a special floor that’s dedicated to women with high-risk pregnancies. 

Q: What kind of care does the Golisano Children’s Hospital provide for infants? 
A: The Golisano Children’s Hospital provides the region’s most advanced care for infants and children. If your baby is premature, or has any other serious issues at birth, you can relax in knowing that the most advanced care from any pediatric sub-specialist is readily available. 

Q: If I want to switch my provider, how do I get started? 
A: View a list of UR Medicine obstetric providers with privileges at UR Medicine hospitals. Then just call the number associated with the provider you choose.