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Presentation & Poster Format

Podium Presentation

Podium presentations will be 8 minutes long, followed by 3 minutes for questions and discussion. Note: there will be a hard cutoff at 8 minutes. You are encouraged to bring your own device. Podiums will have an HDMI, mini–Display Port, and USB-C projection option. You may bring your presentation on a USB drive in PowerPoint or PDF format as an alternative. If you are using PowerPoint, also bring a PDF version of your presentation if there were to be a compatibility issue. Please arrive 10 minutes before the session begins to allow the session to chair the time to load your presentation onto the computer.

Poster Presentation

Posters should not exceed 48″x48″. Easels, push pins, and backing boards will be provided. Please put up your poster upon arriving at the conference on Saturday. You will be expected to be at your poster during your assigned session.

Submission Requirements

  • Title of the submission with a maximum of 255 characters. Use sentence case for the title.
  • A short abstract to introduce the submission. This may be used to promote the submission.
  • Desired presentation format: Oral or Poster (If you submit a proposal for an oral and are unsuccessful, your submission will be automatically considered for a poster).
  • Your name, affiliation/institution and email address as the submitter and contact of the submission.
  • The names, affiliations and email addresses for all corresponding authors in the order they are to appear in the program.
  • Name of presenting author.
  • Membership information, including member level and membership number.
  • Position/Level of study (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, PostDoc, Professor, Industry, Science Policy, Other).
  • Indicate interest in being considered for a student abstract award.
  • Submission theme(s) that best matches your research (choose up to 3 at the most).