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Tissue Typing, Renal and Transplant Pathology

Clinical Service

Department Investigators

Myra Coppage Tissue typing
Jan Czyzyk Renal pathology
Bruce Goldman Renal pathology, cardiac transplant pathology

Current Awards

Jan Czyzyk Role of immunological response to serpin B8 in type 1 diabetes
Jan Czyzyk Role of anti-serpin autoantibody as a biomarker of slower progression in type 1 diabetes mellitus
Jan Czyzyk Role of serpin immunity in human type 1 diabetes and beta cell proliferation

Educational Opportunities

  • Case review conferences: Heart transplant, liver transplant, renal pathology
  • Recipient listing and eligibility conferences

Clinical Highlights

  • Renal Pathologists: Jan Czyzyk, Bruce Goldman
  • Cardiac Transplant Pathologists: Bruce Goldman
  • Expertise in the specialized laboratory services required in the diagnosis and characterization of renal diseases, including immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy
  • HLA Laboratory is a full-service histocompatibility lab testing for organ and tissue transplantation programs, disease association, drug sensitivity testing and vaccine eligibility screening.