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Rochester General Hospital

Rochester General HospitalRochester General Hospital (RGH) is a multi-service community teaching hospital with more than 500 total inpatient beds and a depth of associated subspecialty and ambulatory medical and surgical services. The institution has a graduate medical education office and RGH-based, fully accredited residencies in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Radiology, and Dentistry. University of Rochester-based residents who rotate through RGH are present in the Departments of Pediatrics, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Urology, and others. 

Pediatrics represents the largest group of University residents at RGH. One of the four Pediatric Chief Residents is always present at RGH. Pediatric house staff participate in the care of all patients on the pediatric services. Clinical activities consist of the following:

  • The Pediatric Inpatient Unit (B7) admits approximately 600 patients annually to a 22-bed unit. The hospital's 2,600 annual deliveries are cared for on a 34-bed unit that includes 16 birthing suites and another 18 private rooms. RGH has a Level II Special Care Nursery, which is staffed full time by a board-certified neonatologist who is a member of the University's Neonatology Division.  
  • Over 80,000 visits are seen each year in the RGH Emergency Department (ED), with just under 20,000 of these visits taken care of in the separate, dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department staffed by exclusively Pediatrics and/or Pediatric Emergency Medicine trained attendings.
  • Rochester General Pediatric Associates (RGPA) provides primary care for a diverse population of more than 12,000 predominantly urban children. These patients account for nearly 26,000 visits per year. They are seen by pediatric nurse practitioners, pediatric faculty attendings, and the 22-25 pediatric house staff (6-7 residents per year of training) who have their weekly Continuity Clinic in RGPA. About one-third of the University Pediatric residents have their weekly continuity clinic at RGH throughout their three years of training.
  • The Behavioral Pediatrics Program at RGH is a multi-disciplinary team that encounters some 2,300 annual visits of children and adolescents with behavioral and developmental problems, and includes developmental/behavioral subspecialist pediatricians, psychologists, educational specialists, and child psychiatrists.
  • The post-doctoral Pediatric Family Systems Fellowship is located at RGH, and there is one psychologist in each of the two years of the program. The fellows are recruited from a national applicant base, and work together with residents and attendings in RGPA, as well as receiving training in the Department of Psychiatry at the University.   
  • The Regional Hemophilia Center is located at RGH and incorporated into the resident and medical student educational program.
  • Community programs targeting prevention of violence, high-risk sexual behavior, and AIDS, as well as the area’s New York State lead treatment center are also part of the Pediatrics Department at RGH. As part of the Department’s efforts to promote safety and healthy living, RGPA also offers a weight loss program to overweight pre-teenagers, gives free toothbrushes to toddlers, gives a book to every child at Well Child check-ups from 6 months to 5 years of age, offers free gun trigger locks, has a Bicycle Safety & Helmet Giveaway Day each summer, and has a large assortment of up-to-date educational materials. RGPA staff also run an annual three-day asthma camp at the end of August.

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