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Pediatrics / Education & Training / Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Department of Pediatrics/
Golisano Children’s Hospital Mentorship Program

The University of Rochester's Pediatric Mentorship Program systematically provides anticipatory guidance to faculty members in different stages of their careers. Mentoring committees are established for each junior faculty member.

Mentorship Program Goals

"This island of companionship,
full of the thrust and joy of learning..."

- Gilbert B. Forbes, M.D.

  • Provide ongoing guidance to faculty members so that each can reach his/her fullest potential, both professionally and personally
  • Ensure regular review of faculty members' progress
  • Reinforce faculty members' successes and, in instances where the stated goals are not being met, discuss alternatives and provide guidance for a change in goals
  • Help faculty adapt to environmental change of the department and the medical center
  • Anticipate both the next stage of academic development for each faculty member and the concomitant impending changes in the health care environment to proactively ease transitions

Mentoring Programs for Faculty