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Pediatrics / Education & Training / Faculty Development / Supporting Activities

Supporting Activities

Grant Submission Reviews

The Department provides pre-review of grant materials and papers prior to submission. The majority of grants reviewed have received funding at a rate comparable to other highly competitive academic departments of Pediatrics.

Women Faculty Luncheons

Women faculty who provide services to children in the Golisano Children's Hospital can participate in a faculty luncheon held every 6 to 8 weeks.

Networking and interchange across age, skill, and experience are helpful to all participants. A series of informal and  formal (with invited discussants) sessions are held to address topics such as academic careers including promotion and tenure, securing a primary academic focus in a multidimensional department, developing mentoring relationships, networking at national meetings, writing academic papers, time and stress management.

These sessions have value in establishing a network of women who support each other both professionally and socially. Convening women faculty of different stages of life and interests provide new perspectives. 

Faculty Development Discussions

Presentations relating to faculty development are given throughout the year at pediatric faculty meetings. These educational sessions provide an opportunity for department-wide consideration of issues that have an impact on the entire faculty. Discussions may focus on the different tracks for promotion, roles and responsibilities of a division chief, changes in healthcare systems, and other relevant topics selected by faculty.

Related Institutional Activities

The University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute offers a core curriculum for senior instructors and assistant professors which is designed to identify the skills they need for more successful career advancement.

To supplement the departmental program, junior pediatric faculty whose primary interest and goals are to become a “master teacher’ may participate in the medical school’s high competitive Dean’s Teaching Fellowship Program. Since inception in 2002, 19% of the Dean’s Teaching Fellows have been awarded to faculty from the Department of Pediatrics, all of whom have forged careers with predominant curriculum development or advising and mentoring components. Junior research faculty can participate in a Faculty Scholars Award K12, “Translational Molecular Pediatric Research.”