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Junior Faculty Mentoring

The guidelines for forming your Junior Faculty Mentoring Committee are as follows:

  1. Scheduling An Initial Contact With Dr. Lissa McAnarney or Dr. David Siegel
    Please contact Carole Berger at to schedule an introductory appointment with Dr. McAnarney or Dr. Siegel. Please send a copy of your CV and one-year goals to Carole prior to this initial meeting.
  2. Consulting With Your Division Chief
    Please discuss the composition of your mentor committee with your division chief. Your chief can suggest mentors from within and outside our department and help you choose the individuals whom you would like to invite to be on your committee.
  3. Establishing Your Committee
    Your committee should consist of at least three faculty members, two from the Department of Pediatrics and one who should be from outside our department (department not division). Invite each faculty member whom you and your chief have decided to be on your committee to inquire whether he/she is willing to serve (the time-commitment for the mentor is minimal; usually two committee meetings a year).
  4. Scheduling Your Committee Meetings
    Prior to your first meeting with your committee, please submit your CV and your one-year goals to each member of your committee. The administrator of your division should schedule your mentor meetings. There should be at least two mentor committee meetings during the academic year. If you would like to have more than two meetings, that is fine.
  5. Submitting Your Annual Mentoring Report
    A one or two-page report, signed off by your division chief and you, should be submitted after the spring meeting of your committee. The report can be emailed to Carole Berger at Your first annual report is due in June.