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Emma Ciafaloni, M.D.

Emma Ciafaloni, M.D.


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601 Elmwood Avenue, 1st Floor
Rochester, NY 14642

About Me

Certified Specialties

Neurology - American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

Neuromuscular Medicine - American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

Faculty Appointments

Professor - Department of Neurology, NMD (SMD)

Robert C. and Rosalyne H. Griggs Professor in Experimental Therapeutics of Neurological Disease - Department of Neurology (SMD)

Professor - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SMD) - Joint

Professor - Department of Pediatrics (SMD) - Joint


Residency & Fellowship

Fellowship, Neuromuscular Medicine, Duke University Medical Center GME. 1999 - 2000

Residency, Neurology, Duke University Medical Center GME. 1996 - 1998

Internship, Internal Medicine, Duke University Medical Center GME. 1995 - 1996

Residency, Neurology, Duke University Medical Center GME. 1994 - 1995

Residency, Neurology, Universita Degli Studi Di Milano. 1989 - 1993

Internship, Neuromuscular Medicine, Universita Degli Studi Di Milano. 1988 - 1990


MD | Universita Degli Studi di Milano (Italy). 1989


Guide to America's Top Physicians. 2012

Patient and Family –Centered-Care Award. 2011

Elected by her peers for inclusion in Best Doctors in America. 2007

Pharmacia & Upjohn Research Award: For Outstanding Research in Myasthenia Gravis. 2000


Dr. Ciafaloni has a clinical research interest in the best treatment of patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the course and outcome of pregnancy in women with muscular dystrophies, and sleep disorders in neuromuscular diseases.

She has been involved in clinical care, research, education...
Dr. Ciafaloni has a clinical research interest in the best treatment of patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the course and outcome of pregnancy in women with muscular dystrophies, and sleep disorders in neuromuscular diseases.

She has been involved in clinical care, research, education and advocacy related to neuromuscular diseases for the past 15 years. Her background as Principal Investigator for several national and international multi-center trials includes: Thymectomy in myasthenia gravis, Cell Cept in myasthenia gravis, Dichlorphenamide (DCP) in periodic paralyses, Mexiletine in myotonia congenital, and Ataluren (PTC124) in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She is Chair of the Clinical Research Committee of the Muscular Dystrophy Surveillance Tracking and Research Network (MDSTARnet), a CDC funded project on Becker/Duchenne muscular dystrophy( 2004-present).

She is currently Site Investigator for the following Clinical Trials:
1. FOR-DMD: Double-blind randomized trial to optimize steroid regimen in Duchenne MD (1 R01 NS061799-01A2)
2. A Phase II Trial of Rituximab in Myasthenia Gravis- neuroNEXT
3. An Open-Label, Multi-Center Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of Eteplirsen in Patients with Advanced Stage Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Sarepta)
4. An Open-Label, Multi-Center, 48-Week Study with a Concurrent Untreated Control Arm to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Eteplirsen in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Sarepta)
5. A Pharmacokinetic Study of Oral Deflazacort in Children and Adolescent Subjects With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Marathon Pharmaceuticals, LLC)
6. An Open-Label, Long-Term Extension Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of Deflazacort in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Marathon Pharmaceuticals, LLC)

Clinical Trials

A Phase 3, Multinational, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Systemic Gene Transfer Therapy Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of SRP- 9001 in Non-Ambulatory and Ambulatory Subjects With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (ENVISION)

Lead Researcher: Emma Ciafaloni

DMD is caused by a non-working gene that causes an important protein called dystrophin to not be made properly. Dystrophin helps protect the muscles from breaking down and becoming weaker. This study will help researchers find out if replacing the no...


Journal Articles

Patient- and caregiver-reported impact of symptoms in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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Long-Term Follow-Up Cares and Check Initiative: A Program to Advance Long-Term Follow-Up in Newborns Identified with a Disease through Newborn Screening.

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The Early Care (0-3 Years) In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Meeting Report.

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Epilepsy Characteristics in Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophies.

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Detecting early signs in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: comprehensive review and diagnostic implications.

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The 4-copy conundrum in the treatment of infants with spinal muscular atrophy.

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Humphreys C, Tavitian B, Pappata S, Jobert A, Crouzel AM, DiGiamberardino L, Steimetz G, Barbanti P, Fabbrini G, Salvatore M, Buzzi MG, Di Piero V, Petraroli R, Sbriccoli A, Pocchiari M, Macchi G, Lenzi GL, Spiegel R, Maguire P, Schmid W, Ott A, Bots ML, Grobbe DE, Hofman A, Howard RS, Russell S, Losseff N, Hirsch NP, Couderc R, Bailleul S, Nargeot MC, Touchon J, Picot MC, Rizzo M, Watson G, McGehee D, Dingus T, Kappos L, Radü EW, Haas J, Hartard CH, Spuler S, Yousry T, Voltz R, Scheller A, Holler E, Hohlfeld R, Scolding NJ, Sussman J, Kolar OJ, Farlow MR, Rice PH, Zipp F, Sotgiu S, Weiss EH, Wekerle H, Chalmers R, Robertson N, Compston DA, Martino G, Clementi E, Brambilla E, Moiola L, Martinelli V, Colombo B, Poggi A, Rovaris M, Grimaldi LM, Roth MP, Descoins P, Ballivet S, Ruidavets JB, Waubant E, Nogueira L, Cambon-Thomsen A, Clanet M, Leppert D, Hauser S, Lugaresi A, Tartaro A, D'aurelio P, Befalo LL, Thomas A, Malatesta G, Gambi D, Benedikz JE, Magnusson H, Poser CM, Guomundsson G, Bates TE, Davies SE, Clark JB, Landon DN, Ùther JR, Rautenberg W, Overgaard K, Sereghy T, Pedersen H, Boysen G, Diez-Tejedor E, Carceller F, Gutierrez M, Lopez-Pajares R, Roda JM, Chandra B, Ricart W, Gonzalez-Huix F, Molina A, Rundek T, Demarin V, De Reuck J, Boon P, Decoq D, Strijckmans K, Goethals P, Lemahieu I, Nibbio A, Chabriat H, Vahedi K, Nagy T, Verin M, Mas JL, Julien J, Ducrocq X, Iba-Zizen MT, Cabanis EA, Bousser MG, Rolland Y, Landgraf F, Bompais B, Lemaitre MH, Edan G, Vorstrup S, Knudsen L, Olsen KS, Videbaek C, Schroeder T, van Gijn J, Jansen HM, Pruim J, Paans AM, Willemsen AT, Hew JM, Vd Vliet AM, Haaxma R, Vaalburg W, Minderhoud JM, Korf J, Soudain SE, Ho TW, Mishu B, Li CY, Nachainkin I, Gao CY, Cornblath DR, Griffin JW, Asbury AK, Blaser MJ, McKhann GM, Ho T, Macko C, Xue P, Stadlan EM, Ramos-Alvarez M, Valenciano L, Visser LH, van der Meché FG, van Darn PA, Meulstee J, Schmitz PI, Jacobs B, Oomes PG, Kleyweg RP, , Jacobs BC, Endtz HP, van Doorn PA, van der Mech FG, Van den Berg LH, Mollee I, Logtenberg T, Thomas PK, Plant G, Baxter PJ, Luis RS, Matsumoto M, Notermans NC, Wokke JH, Lokhorst HM, van der Graaf Y, Jennekens FG, Azulay JP, Bille-Turg F, Valentin P, Farnarier GG, Pellissier JF, Serratrice G, Quasthoff S, Schneider U, Grafe P, Hilkens PH, Moll JW, van der Burg ME, Planting AS, van Putten WL, van den Bent MJ, Birklein F, Spitzer A, Lang E, Neundorfer B, Diehl RR, Lücke D, Smith GD, Mathias CJ, Serra J, Campera M, Ochoa JL, Ray Chaudhuri K, Pavitt D, Alam M, Handwerker HO, Bleasdale-Barr K, Smith G, Murray NM, Hawkins P, Pepys M, Gellera C, DiDonato S, Taroni F, Uncini A, Di Muzio A, Servidei S, Silvestri G, Lodi R, Iotti S, Barbiroli B, Morrissey SP, Borruat FX, Francis D, Mosely I, Hansen HC, Helmke K, Kunze K, Sadzot B, Maquet P, Lemaire , Plenevaux , Damhaut , Sommer C, Myers RR, Berta E, Mantegazza R, Argov Z, Shapira Y, Wirguin I, Beuuer J, Franke C, Roberts M, Willison H, Vincent A, Newsom-Davis J, Morrison KE, Damels R, Francis M, Campbell L, Davies KE, Kohler W, Bucka C, Hertel G, Kanovsky P, Auer D, Ackermann H, Klose U, Naegele T, Bien S, Voigt K, Fink GR, Stephan KM, Wise RJ, Mullatti N, Hewer L, Frackowiak RS, Weiller CS, Rijnites M, Jueptner M, Bauermann T, Krams M, Diener HC, van Walderveen MA, Barkhof F, Hommes OR, Valk J, Willmer JP, Guzman DA, Passingham RE, Silbersweig D, Ceballos-Baumann A, Frith CD, Frackowiak R, Lucas CH, Goullard L, Marchau MJ, Godefroy O, Rondepierre PH, Chamas E, Mounier-Vehier F, Leys D, Renato J, Verdugo MS, Campero M, Jose L, Ochoa DS, Vivancos F, Tejedor ED, Martinez N, Roda J, Frank A, Barreiro P, Satoh Y, Nagata K, Maeda T, Hirata Y, YalÇinerner B, Ozkara C, Ozer F, Ozer S, Hanoglu L, Zunker P, Pozo JL, Oberwittler C, Schick A, Buschmann H-, Ringelstein EB, Lara M, Anzola GP, Magoni M, Volta GD, Tarasov A, Feigin V, Beaudry MG, Carrier S, Chicoutimi , Henriques IL, Bogoussslavsky J, van Melle G, Mathieu J, Perusse L, Allard P, Prevost C, Cantin L, Bouchard JM, De Braekeleer M, Agbo C, Neau JP, Tantot AM, Dary-Auriol M, Ingrand P, Gil R, Baltadjiev D, Zekin D, Sabey K, Gennaula CP, Pope BA, Caparros-Lefebvre D, Girard-Buttaz I, Pruvo JP, Petit H, Hipola D, Martin M, Giménez-Roldan S, Ivanez V, Japaridze G, Carrasco JL, Picomell I, Herranz JL, Macias JA, Nieto M, Noya M, Oller L, Kiteva-Trencevska G, Delgado MR, Liu H, Luengo A, Parra J, Colas J, Fernandez MJ, Manzanares R, Kornhuber ME, Malashkhia V, Orkodashili G, Martinez M, Bonaventura I, Porta G, Martinez I, Fernandez A, Aguilar M, Masnou P, Drouet A, Dreyfus M, Cartron J, Morel-Kopp MC, Tchernia G, Kaplan C, Lammers MW, Hekster YA, Keyser A, Meinardi H, Renier WO, Boon PA, Have MD, Kint B, Cruz P, Cadilha A, Almeida R, Goncalves M, Pimenta M, Ramos LM, Polder TW, Broere CA, Polman L, Rother I, Rother M, Schlaug G, Arnold S, Holthausen H, Wunderlich G, Ebner A, Luders H, Witte OW, Seitz RJ, Serra LL, Gallicchio B, Rotondi F, Wieshmann U, Meierkord H, Sabev K, Di Carlo V, Gueguen B, Derouesné C, Ancri D, Bourdel MC, Guillou S, Aliaga R, Chornet MA, Rodrigo A, Pascual AP, Catala MD, Pascual-Leone A, Benbadis SR, Dinner DS, Chelune GJ, Lüders HO, Piedmonte MR, Blanco T, Lopez MP, Romero B, Deltoro A, Pascual A, Pascual L, Bolgert F, Josse MO, Tassan P, Touze E, Laplane D, Godenberg F, Brizioli E, Del Gobbo M, Pelliccioni G, Scarpino O, Durak H, Damlacik G, Tunca Z, Fidaner H, Yurekli Y, Yemez B, Kaygisiz A, Anllo EA, Esperet E, Giovagnoli AR, Casazza M, Spreafico R, Avanzini G, Mascheroni S, Vecchio I, Tornali C, Antonuzzo A, Grasso AA, Bella R, Pennisi G, Raffaele R, Broeckx J, Schildermans F, Hospers W, Deberdt W, Carney JM, Aksenova M, Chen MS, Juncadella M, Busquets N, De la Fuente I, Rodriguez A, Rubio F, Soler R, Khati C, Pillon B, Deweer B, Malapani C, Malichard N, Dubois B, Rancurel G, Lopez DL, Jungreia G, DeKosky ST, Boiler F, Weiller C, Rijntjes M, Mueller SP, Maguire EA, Burke ET, Staunton H, Phillips J, Rousseaux M, Pena J, Bertran I, Santacruz P, Lopez R, Catafau A, Lomena F, Blesa R, Rampello L, Nicoletti A, Cabaret M, Lesoin F, Steinling M, Tournev I, Maier-Hauff K, Schroeder M, Wolf A, Cochin JP, Noel I, Augustin P, Auzou P, Hannequin D, Maria V, Lopez-Bresnahan , Danielle DM, Antin-Ozerkis BA, Bartels E, Rodiek SO, Flugel KA, Campos DM, Salas-Puig J, Del Rio JS, Vidal JA, Lahoz CH, Eraksoy M, Barlas O, Barlas M, Bayindir C, Ozcan H, Birbamer G, Gerstenbrand F, Felber S, Luz G, Aichner F, Seidel G, Kaps M, Hutzelmann A, Gerriets T, Kruggel F, Martin PJ, Gaunt ME, Abbot RJ, Naylor AR, Meary E, Dilouya A, Meder JF, De Recondo J, Lebtahi R, Neff KW, Meairs S, Viola S, Matta E, Aquilone L, Rise IR, Authier FJ, Kondo H, Ghnassia RT, Degos JD, Gherardi RK, Bardoni A, Ciafaloni E, Comi GP, Bresolin N, Robotti M, Moggio M, Rigoletto C, Roses A, Scarlato G, Castelli E, Turconi A, Bresolin N, Perani D, Felisari G, Chariot P, de Pinieux G, Astier A, Jacotot B, Gherardi R, Fischer-Gagnepain V, Louboutin JP, Crespo F, Florea-Strat A, Fromont G, Sabourin J-, Gonano E-, Moroni I, Prelle A, Iannaccone S, Quattrini A, deRino F, Sessa M, Golzi V, Smirne S, Nemni R, Turpin JC, Lucotte G, Jacobs SC, Willems PW, Bootsma AL, Lasa A, Calaf M, Baiget M, Gallano B, Fichter-Gagnepain V, Mazzucchelli F, D'Angelo MG, Velicogna M, Bet L, Comi GP, Bordoni A, Gonano EF, Bazzi P, Rapuzzi S, Moggio M, Fagiolari G, Ciscato P, Messina A, Battistel A, Ryniewicz B, Sangla I, Desnuelle C, Paquis V, Cozzone PJ, Bendahan D, Sturenburg HJ, Kohncke G, Castellli E, Linssen W, Stegeman D, Binkhorst R, Notermans S, Jaspert A, Fahsold R, de Munain AL, Cobo A, Martorell L, Poza JJ, Navarrete Palau D, Emparanza JI, Sanchez-Roy R, Vilchez JJ, Hernandez M, Tena JG, Perla C, Koutroumanidis M, Papathanasopoulos P, Papadimitriou A, Papapetropoulos TH, Divari R, Hadjigeorgiou GM, Anastasopoulos I, Sansone V, Rotondo G, Meola G, Rigoletto C, Messina S, Szwabowska-Orzeszko E, Jozwiak S, Michalowicz R, Szaplyko W, Petrella MA, Della Marca G, Masullo G, Mennuni GF, Kompf D, Wascher E, Verleger R, Kaido M, Soga F, Toyooka H, Bayon C, Rubio J, Carlomagno S, Parlato V, Santoro A, Lavarone A, Bonavita V, Pentore R, Venneri A, Pasquier F, Lebert F, Grymonprez L, Lefebvre C, Van der Linden M, Derouesné C, Renault B, Lacomblez L, Homeyer P, Ouss L, Neuman E, Malbezin M, Barrandon S, Guez D, Stevens M, van Swieten JC, Franke CL, Sanchez A, Castellvirel S, Mila M, Jimenez D, Pallesta F, Ruiz PJ, Barrio A, Barroso T, Benitez J, de Yebenes JG, Manubens JM, Martinez-Lage JM, Larumbe R, Muruzabal J, Lacruz F, Quesada P, Gallego J, Ferini-Strambi L, Marcone A, Garancini P, Tedesi B, Jacob B, Rozewicz L, Langdon D, Davie C, Ron M, Thompson A, Koepp MJ, Hansen ML, Guldin B, Pressler RM, Ried S, Scholz C, Monaco F, Gianelli M, Schiavalla MP, Naldi P, Cantello R, Torta R, Verze L, Mutani R, Knott H, Ferbert A, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aust W, Di Mascio R, Marchioli R, Vitullo F, Di Pasquale A, Sciulli L, Kramer V, Tognoni G, Santacruz P, Lopez R, Marti MJ, Charques I, Catafau A, Lomeila F, Peila J, Bertran I, Blesa R, Krendel DA, Costiga DA, Koeppen S, Korn WM, Brugge S, Schmitz D, Scheulen ME, King RH, Robertson AM, Thomas PK, Kerkhofs A, Vermersch P, Dereeper O, Daems Monpeun C, Parent M, Deplanque D, Petit H, Campero M, Serra J, Ochoa JL, Martinez-Matos JA, Montero J, Olivé M, Rene R, Vidaller A, Gugenheim M, Gouider R, Le Guern E, Brice A, Agid Y, Bouche P, Grisold W, Ziflo U, Drlicek M, Budka H, Jellinger K, Zielinski CH, Ginsberg L, King RH, Workman J, Platts AD, Thomas PK, Gherardi RK, Florea-Strat A, Poron F, Sabourin J-, Fazio R, Nemni R, Franceschi M, Lorenzetti I, Rinaldi L, Canal N, Weilbach FX, Sennlaub A, Jung S, Gold R, Toyka KV, Hartung HP, Giegerich G, Ellie E, Vital A, Steck AJ, Vital C, Julien J, Doneda P, Pizzul S, Scarpini E, Chiodi P, Ramacci MT, Livraghi S, Maimone D, Annunziata P, Salvadori C, Guazzi GC, Arne-Bes MC, Delisle MB, Fabre N, Hurtevent JF, Bes A, Baudoin-Martin D, Laborde E, Viallet F, Creisson C, Crespi V, Bogliun G, Marzorati L, Zincone A, D'Angelo L, Liberani A, Merlini M, Rivolta R, Creange A, Sabourin J-, Theodorou I, Gherardi RK, Conti AM, Malosio ML, Baron PL, Scarlato G, Chorao R, Rosas MJ, Leite I, Callea L, Donati E, Bargnani C, Bud M, Verdu E, Navarro X, Braun S, Einius S, Poindron P, Warier JM, Bradley J, Bekkelund SI, Torbergsen T, Mellgren SI, Carlomagno S, Parlato V, Santoro A, Lavarone A, Boller F, Bonavita V, Engelhardt A, Lörler H, Robeck S, Kluglein C, Comi G, Avoledo V, Locatelli T, Leocani L, Galardi G, Magnani G, Medaglini S, Chkhikvishvili TS, Zangaladze A, Bratoeva M, Kovachev P, Chavdarov D, Artemis N, Karacostas D, Milonas I, Arpa J, Lopez-Pajares R, Cruz-Matinez A, Sarria J, Palomo F, Alonso M, Rodriguez-Al-Barino A, Lacasa T, Nos J, Barreiro P, Martinez AC, Villoslada C, Alons M, Taghavy A, Hamer H, Kratzer A, Dethy S, Pauwels T, Monclus M, Luxen A, Goldman S, Ziegler M, Crambes O, Ragueneau I, Arnaud F, Zappia M, Montesanti R, Colao R, Palmieri A, Branca D, Nicoletti G, Rizzo M, Parlato G, Quattrone A, Vanacore N, Zuchegna P, Bonifati V, Meco G, Scholz J, Friedrich H-, Rohl A, Ulm G, Vieregge P, Savettieri G, Rocca WA, Meneghini F, Grigoletto F, Morgante L, Reggio A, Salemi G, Di Pierri R, OzckmekÇi S, Ertan S, Yeni N, Apaydin H, Erkol G, Kiziltan G, Denktas F, Ranoux D, de Recondo J, Ostergaard L, Werdelin L, Odin P, Lindvall O, Dupont E, Christensen PB, Boisen E, Jensen NB, Schmiegelow M, Ingwersen SH, Matias-Guiu J, Canet T, Falip R, Martin R, Galiano L, Voloshin MY, Burchinskaya LF, Cabrera-Valdivia F, Jimenez-Jimenez FJ, Molina JA, Fernandez-Calle P, Vazquez A, Canizares-Liebana F, Larumbe-Lobalde S, Ayuso-Peralta L, Rabasa M, Codoceo R, Arrieta FJ, Aguilar MV, Jorge-Santamaria A, Martinez-Para MC, Alarcon J, Mateo D, Gimenez-Roldan S, Gencheva E, Tzonev TZ, Georgiev G, Petkova P, Gasparini M, Vanacore N, Meco NG, de la Sierra G, Aguado F, Revilla M, Varela L, Rico H, Feve A, N'Guyen JP, Bathien N, Fenelon G, Veroust J, Cesaro P, Egersbach G, Hattig H, Schelosky L, Wissel J, Poewe W, Durif F, Albuisson E, Debilly B, Tournilhac M, Magnani C, Mocellini C, Soffietti R, Schiffer D, Cardozo A, Cruz-Sanchez FF, Falip L, Potagas G, Ziegler M, Rondot P, Bonifati V, Fabrizio E, Meco G, Bostantjopoulou S, Katsarou Z, Kyriazis G, Baas H, Demisch L, Esser A, Zoeller F, Burklin F, Harder S, Fischer PA, Arcusa MJ, Hermandez S, Claramonte FJ, Pascual AP, Alonso MD, Catata MD, Alessandri A, Giustini P, Dufour A, Ciusani E, Nespolo A, Roelcke U, Radu EW, von Ammon K, Maguire RP, Leenders KL, Radionova M, Chavdarov D, Bratoeva M, Tzekov C, Pietrangeli A, Bove L, Pace A, Falqui L, Jandolo B, Potemkowski A, Muller B, Reinhard I, Krone A, Warmuth M, Brocker EM, Krauseneck P, Meyding-Lamadé U, Krieger D, Sartor K, Hacke W, Maugard-Louboutin C, Fayet G, Sagan C, Martin S, Ménégalli D, Lajat Y, Resche F, Koriech OM, Al Moutaery K, Yaqub B, Jochens R, Wolters A, Venz S, Cordes M, Hecht BK, Chatel M, Gaudray P, Turc-Carel C, Gioanni J, Ayraud N, Hecht F, Rumbach L, Racadot E, Bataillard M, Billot M, Pariset J, Wijdenes J, Montalban RJ, Tintoré M, Galan I, Acarin N, Rapaport S, Huberman M, Shechtcr D, Karabudak R, Kilinc M, Boyacigil S, Cila A, Polo JM, Setien S, Sanchez R, Figols J, Zubimendi A, Nadareishvili ZG, Massot R, Marés R, Gallecho F, Richart C, Hernandez MA, Garcia MR, Lorenzo JN, Leon C, Muros M, Togores J, Kutluk K, Damlacik GA, Tekinsoy B, Obuz O, Baklan B, Idiman E, Genc K, Zielasek J, Schmidt B, Liew FY, Gulay Z, Yulug N, Wong KS, Wong TW, Yu TS, Kay R, Poupon R, Giral P, Roberti C, Zanette EM, Chiarotti F, Brusa L, Cerbo R, Prusinski A, Pondal M, Canton R, Dominigo EJ, Pereira Monteino JM, Pereira Monteino X, Pardo J, Carroacedo A, Barros F, Lema M, Castillo J, Melchor A, Montiel I, Guiu JM, Kloss TM, Keidel M, Jacob M, Idiman F, Idman E, Ozturk V, Metin E, Yilmaz M, Gerard JM, Bouton R, Decamps D, Herbaut AG, Delecluse F, Cavenaile M, Divano L, Chazot G, Boureau F, Emile J, Bertin L, d'Allens H, Ferro JM, Costa I, Carletto F, Catarci T, Padovani A, Iandolo B, Bartoli M, Bonamini M, Pulcinelli F, Pignatelli P, Russo M, Gazzaniga PP, Barros J, Pinheiro J, Correia AP, Monteiro JM, Alvarez-Cermeno JC, Avello G, Sastre JL, Vecino A, Cesar JM, Leone M, Stankov B, D'Amico D, Maltempo C, Moschian F, Fraschini F, Bussone G, Molto JM, Fernandez E, Fernandez AM, Barreiro A, Siclia J, Castejon P, Mihout B, Malberin M, Salzman V, Bogousslavsky J, Meneghetti G, Baracchini C, Bozzato G, Marini B, Mendel T, Czlonkowska A, Pasierski T, Szwed H, Marta-Moreno J, Lopez-Delval J, Mostacero E, Morales F, Mahagne MH, Rogopoulos A, Bertrand F, Bedoucha P, Lanteri-Minet M, Riva D, Zorzi C, Milani N, Vajsar J, Ronen G, Macgregor D, Becker L, Susseve J, Seidl Z, Faber J, Obenberger J, Springer R, Bax RT, Eckardt T, Czettritz GV, Emmrich P, Vlaski-Jekic S, Petrova V, Cherninkova S, Gudeva T, Tzekov C, Devoti M, Franceschetti S, Mientus S, Vienna P, Vashtang Y, Tazir M, Assami S, Oulbani D, Kaci Ahmed MA, 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At URMC, we believe that patients should be empowered to make the right decisions regarding their personal healthcare. To do so, transparency is critical. URMC partners with Press Ganey, to survey our patients about all aspects of their care experience. We are now putting this pertinent information at your fingertips by displaying star ratings for our providers along with anonymous patient comments on our website. This will help you make better-informed choices about how and with whom you seek care. Click here to learn more about the surveys used to generate this vital information. Learn more about our survey process.


During this visit, did this provider spend enough time with you?

4.9 stars

During this visit, did this provider show respect for what you had to say?

4.9 stars

During this visit, did this provider give you easy to understand information about these health questions or concerns?

5.0 stars

During this visit, did this provider listen carefully to you?

5.0 stars

During this visit, did this provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?

4.9 stars

Patient Comments

4.2 stars

I didn't know anything about this sickness she did her best to explain.

Jan 09, 2024

5.0 stars

I am grateful to have Dr. Ciafaloni to my doctor.

Jul 13, 2023

5.0 stars

Took a lot of time explaining illness and likely progression and potential treatments.

Jun 28, 2023

5.0 stars

Terrific in all respects.

May 04, 2023

5.0 stars

They are the best available

Jun 25, 2022