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Albert Koh, D.O.
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Pain Treatment Center - Brighton

Surgery Center at Sawgrass
180 Sawgrass Drive, Suite 210
Rochester, NY 14620

About Me

Certified Specialties

Anesthesiology - American Board of Anesthesiology

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine - Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine (SMD)


Residency & Fellowship

Fellowship, University of Rochester Medical Center. 2012 - 2012

Residency, Anesthesiology, Montefiore Medical Center-North Division/Wakefield. 2008 - 2011

Internship, Anesthesiology, Long Beach Medical Center New York. 2007 - 2008


DO | New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. 2007


Medical School Honors: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Hematology, Surgery Clerkship. 2003 - 2007

Transport of Neurotoxicant by molecular mimicry: Methylmercury-L-cysteine is a substrate for Human LAT1 and 2 amino acid carrier. 2002

Strong Children's Research Cneter Summer Student Fellowship. 1999


Journal Articles

Neurolysis of ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric nerve and superior hypogastric plexus in a patient with Stage IV cervical cancer

Kalia, H.; Morris, G., Koh, A.

Pain Physician Journal. 2013; .

N-glycosylation controls functional activity of Oatp1, an organic anion transporter.

Lee TK, Koh AS, Cui Z, Pierce RH, Ballatori N

American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology.. 2003 August 285 (2):G371-81. Epub 04/17/2003.

Functional complementation between a novel mammalian polygenic transport complex and an evolutionarily ancient organic solute transporter, OSTalpha-OSTbeta.

Seward DJ, Koh AS, Boyer JL, Ballatori N

The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2003 July 25278 (30):27473-82. Epub 04/28/2003.

Transport of a neurotoxicant by molecular mimicry: the methylmercury-L-cysteine complex is a substrate for human L-type large neutral amino acid transporter (LAT) 1 and LAT2.

Simmons-Willis TA, Koh AS, Clarkson TW, Ballatori N

The Biochemical journal.. 2002 October 1367 (Pt 1):239-46. Epub 1900 01 01.

Ratings & Comments

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During this visit, did this provider spend enough time with you?

4.7 stars

During this visit, did this provider show respect for what you had to say?

4.6 stars

During this visit, did this provider give you easy to understand information about these health questions or concerns?

4.8 stars

During this visit, did this provider listen carefully to you?

4.7 stars

During this visit, did this provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?

4.8 stars

Patient Comments

5.0 stars


Mar 21, 2024

5.0 stars

Doctor was understanding, veiwing the complexity of my medical problem and what he thought would be the best way to help my pain issue

Nov 27, 2023

5.0 stars

Explained my care in detail - reviewed my chart and answered all my questions.

Jul 13, 2023

5.0 stars

Dr. Koh called me at 8pm at night after a 24 hr. Shift at the hospital. Very professional

Jul 11, 2023

5.0 stars

NEVER bad!

Jun 26, 2023

5.0 stars

The provider's fellows are always a pleasure to meet and discuss my health status and treatment plans. The provider (specialist) who has cared for me for several years is one of the best specialists who has cared for me. He imminently oversees the fellows (resident MD's in rotations) and has a wonderful working relationship with his entire staff. I have recommended this board certified specialty physician to others. His care and treatments have increased my QOL.

Jun 26, 2023

3.4 stars

I feel as if Dr. Koh was in a rush to get out that day. Usually he will listen and be thoughtful about his responses to me. That day I felt as if he just needed to leave for some reason, and didn't really have time to answer my questions.

Jun 21, 2023

5.0 stars

Excellent provider. One of best I have seen in almost 48 years

May 03, 2023

5.0 stars

Dr. Koh is one of the best doctors I have seen. He is knowledgeable, takes time to talk to you and make sure you understand everything. He treats you like a person and cares about your concerns and care.

Apr 05, 2023

2.2 stars

Saw the doctor for 1 minute as he stood in the hallway..did not even enter the room while speaking to me

Apr 03, 2023


Great provider.

Mar 27, 2023


[...] dr. Visit was 3 minutes with very little not like this dr.

Jan 20, 2023


Dr. Koh is the best! He's always been there for me. Not only has he believed me, but he has always believed in me I don't know what I would do without him.

Jan 13, 2023


Very nice MD and well spoken

Oct 14, 2022


Always seemed to be in a hurry!! [...]

Sep 26, 2022


I feel questions about how the pain has changed my life is important. I have questions about what to do after the injections. I waited 8 months to spend 5 minutes with Dr Koh. What does this shot do? Should I change my life style even more or will it be okay to going back to how I use to be.

Jul 31, 2022


[...] Dr. Koh really seemed way too busy to sit and listen to me that day. Generally he will listen and answer my questions, but that day, he was more interested in taking care of the electronic health record, so I just didn't bother asking my questions of him. The resident gave me some answers [...]

Jul 31, 2022


Dr. Koh takes his time with me. We discuss pros n cons and anything else that can be done

Jun 27, 2022


I had the CT scan a year ago and this was the first doctor to take the time to discuss my issues in-depth. And explain them in a way that I could understand. He was kind and an excellent communicator.

Jun 16, 2022


Dr Koh was excellent. Always made me feel safe. Up front and honest.

Jun 05, 2022


I highly respect Dr. Koh and trust him completely

Jun 03, 2022


I have recommended Dr. Koh to others. He is excellent.

May 22, 2022


It was obvious that the office was very busy that day and Dr. Koh talked with me and spent the time needed, even though the appointment was short. I felt as if I had a plan when I left the office and there was a clear path at that time.

Mar 13, 2022