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Aditya A. Joshi, M.D.

Aditya A. Joshi, M.D.


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Paul N. Yu Heart Center

601 Elmwood Avenue, Ground Floor
Rochester, NY 14626

About Me

Certified Specialties

Cardiovascular Disease - National Board of Echocardiography

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Medicine, Cardiology (SMD)

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Residency & Fellowship

Fellowship, Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology, University of Washington School of Medicine. 2022 - 2023

Fellowship, Cardiovascular Disease, Mount Sinai St. Lukes. 2019 - 2022

Residency, Internal Medicine, Allegheny General Hospital. 2016 - 2019


MBBS | Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College (India). 2014


Journal Articles

Three-Dimensional Echocardiographic Evaluation of Indentations of the Posterior Mitral Leaflet and Their Impact on Secondary Mitral Regurgitation.

Correa A, Joshi AA, Argulian E

Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography : official publication of the American Society of Echocardiography.. 2023 January 36 (1):114-116. Epub 08/10/2022.

Trends in Veno-Arterial Extracorporeal Life Support With and Without an Impella or Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump for Cardiogenic Shock.

Hendrickson MJ, Jain V, Bhatia K, Chew C, Arora S, Rossi JS, Villablanca P, Kapur NK, Joshi AA, Fox A, Mahmood K, Birati EY, Ricciardi MJ, Qamar A

Journal of the American Heart Association.. 2022 November 24 :e7896. Epub 11/24/2022.

Meta-Analysis Comparing Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation With or Without Impella in Patients With Cardiogenic Shock.

Bhatia K, Jain V, Hendrickson MJ, Aggarwal D, Aguilar-Gallardo JS, Lopez PD, Narasimhan B, Wu L, Arora S, Joshi A, Tomey MI, Mahmood K, Qamar A, Birati EY, Fox A

The American journal of cardiology.. 2022 October 15181 :94-101. Epub 08/21/2022.

No survival benefit associated with waiting for non-lung donor heart transplants for adult recipients with congenital heart disease.

Diamant MJ, Fox AL, Modi VA, Joshi AA, Clark DE, Bichell DP, Cedars A, Fowler R, Frischhertz BP, Mazurek JA, Schlendorf KH, Shah AS, Zalawadiya SK, Lindenfeld J, Menachem JN

Clinical transplantation.. 2021 May 35 (5):e14266. Epub 03/05/2021.

Utility of Exercise-Induced ST-Segment Elevation in Lead aVR for Detecting Left Main or Proximal Left Anterior Descending Disease.

Jain V, Das S, Bhatia K, Aggarwal D, Bansal A, Narasimhan B, Krishnamurthi N, Martin L, Joshi A, Qamar A, Kapadia S, Kukar N

The American journal of cardiology.. 2021 April 1144 :150-151. Epub 01/14/2021.

Impact of transcatheter aortic valve replacement on left ventricular hypertrophy, diastolic dysfunction and quality of life in patients with preserved left ventricular function.

Dahiya G, Kyvernitakis A, Joshi AA, Lasorda DM, Bailey SH, Raina A, Biederman RWW, Kanwar MK

The international journal of cardiovascular imaging.. 2021 February 37 (2):485-492. Epub 09/09/2020.

Chronic Stress-Related Neural Activity Associates With Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in a Community-Based Cohort: Data From the Washington, D.C. Cardiovascular Health and Needs Assessment.

Powell-Wiley TM, Dey AK, Rivers JP, Chaturvedi A, Andrews MR, Ceasar JN, Claudel SE, Mitchell VM, Ayers C, Tamura K, Gutierrez-Huerta CA, Teague HL, Oeser SG, Goyal A, Joshi AA, Collins BS, Baumer Y, Chung ST, Sumner AE, Playford MP, Tawakol A, Mehta NN

Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine.. 2021 8 :599341. Epub 03/10/2021.

Outcomes of patients hospitalized for acute pulmonary embolism by obstructive sleep apnea status.

Joshi AA, Hajjali RH, Gokhale AV, Smith T, Dey AK, Dahiya G, Lerman JB, Sajja AP, Kanwar M, Raina A

Pulmonary circulation.. 2021 11 (2):2045894021996224. Epub 03/27/2021.

Chronic inflammation in psoriasis promotes visceral adiposity associated with noncalcified coronary burden over time.

Sajja A, Abdelrahman KM, Reddy AS, Dey AK, Uceda DE, Lateef SS, Sorokin AV, Teague HL, Chung J, Rivers J, Joshi AA, Elnabawi YA, Goyal A, Rodante JA, Keel A, Alvarez JE, Lockshin B, Prussick R, Siegel E, Playford MP, Chen MY, Bluemke DA, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

JCI insight.. 2020 November 195 (22)Epub 11/19/2020.

Prognostic Impact of Prior Heart Failure in Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19.

Alvarez-Garcia J, Lee S, Gupta A, Cagliostro M, Joshi AA, Rivas-Lasarte M, Contreras J, Mitter SS, LaRocca G, Tlachi P, Brunjes D, Glicksberg BS, Levin MA, Nadkarni G, Fayad Z, Fuster V, Mancini D, Lala A

Journal of the American College of Cardiology.. 2020 November 1776 (20):2334-2348. Epub 10/28/2020.

Association Among Noncalcified Coronary Burden, Fractional Flow Reserve, and Myocardial Injury in Psoriasis.

Zhou W, Abdelrahman KM, Dey AK, Reddy A, Uceda DE, Lateef SS, Elnabawi YA, Anzenberg P, Al Najafi M, Rodante JA, Keel A, Ortiz J, Teague HL, Erb-Alvarez J, Singh D, Joshi AA, Playford MP, Chen MY, Gelfand JM, Remaley AT, Bluemke DA, Mehta NN

Journal of the American Heart Association.. 2020 November 179 (22):e017417. Epub 11/10/2020.

A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial of Secukinumab on Aortic Vascular Inflammation in Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis (VIP-S).

Gelfand JM, Shin DB, Duffin KC, Armstrong AW, Blauvelt A, Tyring SK, Menter A, Gottlieb S, Lockshin BN, Simpson EL, Kianifard F, Sarkar RP, Muscianisi E, Steadman J, Ahlman MA, Playford MP, Joshi AA, Dey AK, Werner TJ, Alavi A, Mehta NN

The Journal of investigative dermatology.. 2020 September 140 (9):1784-1793.e2. Epub 02/21/2020.

Association Between Soluble Lectinlike Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-1 and Coronary Artery Disease in Psoriasis.

Dey AK, Gaddipati R, Elnabawi YA, Ongstad E, Goyal A, Chung JH, Teague HL, Rodante JA, Sajja AA, Sorokin AV, Lateef SS, Aksentijevich M, Choi H, Reddy AS, Varghese NJ, Groenendyk J, Belur AD, Genovese L, Rivers JP, Lerman J, Kabbany MT, Harrington C, Ortiz J, Khalil N, Keel A, Baumer Y, Chen MY, Bluemke DA, Joshi AA, Kaplan MJ, Remaley AT, Playford MP, Karathanasis SK, Gelfand JM, Gupta R, Mehta NN

JAMA dermatology.. 2020 February 1156 (2):151-157. Epub 1900 01 01.

Chronic Stress-Related Neural Activity Associates With Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in Psoriasis: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Goyal A, Dey AK, Chaturvedi A, Elnabawi YA, Aberra TM, Chung JH, Belur AD, Groenendyk JW, Lerman JB, Rivers JP, Rodante JA, Harrington CL, Varghese NJ, Sanda GE, Baumer Y, Sorokin AV, Teague HL, Genovese LD, Natarajan B, Joshi AA, Playford MP, Bluemke DA, Chen MY, Alavi A, Pitman RK, Powell-Wiley TM, Tawakol A, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

JACC. Cardiovascular imaging.. 2020 February 13 (2 Pt 1):465-477. Epub 11/15/2018.

Association of aortic vascular uptake of FDG by PET/CT and aortic wall thickness by MRI in psoriasis: a prospective observational study.

Groenendyk JW, Shukla P, Dey AK, Elnabawi YA, Aksentijevich M, Choi H, Genovese LD, Harrington CL, Natarajan B, Goyal A, Reddy AS, Rodante J, Kabbany MT, Sadek A, Al Najafi M, Playford MP, Joshi AA, Ahlman MA, Gelfand JM, Bluemke DA, Mehta NN

European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.. 2019 November 46 (12):2488-2495. Epub 08/05/2019.

Serum active 1,25(OH)D, but not inactive 25(OH)D vitamin D levels are associated with cardiometabolic and cardiovascular disease risk in psoriasis.

Playford MP, Dey AK, Zierold C, Joshi AA, Blocki F, Bonelli F, Rodante JA, Harrington CL, Rivers JP, Elnabawi YA, Chen MY, Ahlman MA, Teague HL, Mehta NN

Atherosclerosis.. 2019 October 289 :44-50. Epub 08/17/2019.

Association of Biologic Therapy With Coronary Inflammation in Patients With Psoriasis as Assessed by Perivascular Fat Attenuation Index.

Elnabawi YA, Oikonomou EK, Dey AK, Mancio J, Rodante JA, Aksentijevich M, Choi H, Keel A, Erb-Alvarez J, Teague HL, Joshi AA, Playford MP, Lockshin B, Choi AD, Gelfand JM, Chen MY, Bluemke DA, Shirodaria C, Antoniades C, Mehta NN

JAMA cardiology.. 2019 September 14 (9):885-891. Epub 1900 01 01.

SGLT-2 Inhibitors and GLP-1 Agonists: First-Line Therapy for Diabetes With Established Cardiovascular Disease.

Sajja AP, Dey AK, Guha A, Elnabawi Y, Joshi AA, Kalra A

Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics.. 2019 September 24 (5):422-427. Epub 05/07/2019.

Sex-Based Differences in Left Ventricular Assist Device Utilization: Insights From the Nationwide Inpatient Sample 2004 to 2016.

Joshi AA, Lerman JB, Sajja AP, Dahiya G, Gokhale AV, Dey AK, Kyvernitakis A, Halbreiner MS, Bailey S, Alpert CM, Poornima IG, Murali S, Benza RL, Kanwar M, Raina A

Circulation. Heart failure.. 2019 September 12 (9):e006082. Epub 09/13/2019.

Biologic therapy to treat Psoriasis: A Dual Benefit?

Joshi AA, Mehta NN

European heart journal.. 2019 June 140 (21):1670. Epub 1900 01 01.

Cardiovascular Diseases in Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis.

Eder L, Dey A, Joshi AA, Boehncke WH, Mehta NN, Szentpetery A

The Journal of rheumatology. Supplement.. 2019 June 95 :20-27. Epub 1900 01 01.

Neutrophil Subsets, Platelets, and Vascular Disease in Psoriasis.

Teague HL, Varghese NJ, Tsoi LC, Dey AK, Garshick MS, Silverman JI, Baumer Y, Harrington CL, Stempinski E, Elnabawi YA, Dagur PK, Cui K, Tunc I, Seifuddin F, Joshi AA, Stansky E, Purmalek MM, Rodante JA, Keel A, Aridi TZ, Carmona-Rivera C, Sanda GE, Chen MY, Pirooznia M, McCoy JP, Gelfand JM, Zhao K, Gudjonsson JE, Playford MP, Kaplan MJ, Berger JS, Mehta NN

JACC. Basic to translational science.. 2019 February 4 (1):1-14. Epub 02/25/2019.

Association Between Oxidation-Modified Lipoproteins and Coronary Plaque in Psoriasis.

Sorokin AV, Kotani K, Elnabawi YA, Dey AK, Sajja AP, Yamada S, Ueda M, Harrington CL, Baumer Y, Rodante JA, Gelfand JM, Chen MY, Joshi AA, Playford MP, Remaley AT, Mehta NN

Circulation research.. 2018 November 9123 (11):1244-1254. Epub 1900 01 01.

Association Between Aortic Vascular Inflammation and Coronary Artery Plaque Characteristics in Psoriasis.

Joshi AA, Lerman JB, Dey AK, Sajja AP, Belur AD, Elnabawi YA, Rodante JA, Aberra TM, Chung J, Salahuddin T, Natarajan B, Dave J, Goyal A, Groenendyk JW, Rivers JP, Baumer Y, Teague HL, Playford MP, Bluemke DA, Ahlman MA, Chen MY, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

JAMA cardiology.. 2018 October 13 (10):949-956. Epub 1900 01 01.

Effect of 2 Psoriasis Treatments on Vascular Inflammation and Novel Inflammatory Cardiovascular Biomarkers: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial.

Mehta NN, Shin DB, Joshi AA, Dey AK, Armstrong AW, Duffin KC, Fuxench ZC, Harrington CL, Hubbard RA, Kalb RE, Menter A, Rader DJ, Reilly MP, Simpson EL, Takeshita J, Torigian DA, Werner TJ, Troxel AB, Tyring SK, Vanderbeek SB, Van Voorhees AS, Playford MP, Ahlman MA, Alavi A, Gelfand JM

Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging.. 2018 June 11 (6):e007394. Epub 1900 01 01.

Neutrophil subsets and their gene signature associate with vascular inflammation and coronary atherosclerosis in lupus.

Carlucci PM, Purmalek MM, Dey AK, Temesgen-Oyelakin Y, Sakhardande S, Joshi AA, Lerman JB, Fike A, Davis M, Chung JH, Playford MP, Naqi M, Mistry P, Gutierrez-Cruz G, Dell'Orso S, Naz F, Salahuddin T, Natarajan B, Manna Z, Tsai WL, Gupta S, Grayson P, Teague H, Chen MY, Sun HW, Hasni S, Mehta NN, Kaplan MJ

JCI insight.. 2018 April 193 (8)Epub 04/19/2018.

Association of Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor Treatment With Reduced Indices of Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Patients With Psoriatic Disease.

Eder L, Joshi AA, Dey AK, Cook R, Siegel EL, Gladman DD, Mehta NN

Arthritis & rheumatology.. 2018 March 70 (3):408-416. Epub 02/06/2018.

Visceral Adiposity in Psoriasis is Associated With Vascular Inflammation by F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron-Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Beyond Cardiometabolic Disease Risk Factors in an Observational Cohort Study.

Rivers JP, Powell-Wiley TM, Dey AK, Rodante JA, Chung JH, Joshi AA, Natarajan B, Sajja AP, Chaturvedi A, Rana A, Harrington CL, Teague HL, Lockshin BN, Ahlman MA, Yao J, Playford MP, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

JACC. Cardiovascular imaging.. 2018 February 11 (2 Pt 2):349-357. Epub 10/18/2017.

Chronic skin inflammation accelerates macrophage cholesterol crystal formation and atherosclerosis.

Baumer Y, Ng Q, Sanda GE, Dey AK, Teague HL, Sorokin AV, Dagur PK, Silverman JI, Harrington CL, Rodante JA, Rose SM, Varghese NJ, Belur AD, Goyal A, Gelfand JM, Springer DA, Bleck CK, Thomas CL, Yu ZX, Winge MC, Kruth HS, Marinkovich MP, Joshi AA, Playford MP, Mehta NN

JCI insight.. 2018 January 113 (1)Epub 01/11/2018.

Potential Immunological Links Between Psoriasis and Cardiovascular Disease.

Sajja AP, Joshi AA, Teague HL, Dey AK, Mehta NN

Frontiers in immunology.. 2018 9 :1234. Epub 06/01/2018.

Association between cytokines and functional, hemodynamic parameters, and clinical outcomes in pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Joshi AA, Davey R, Rao Y, Shen K, Benza RL, Raina A

Pulmonary circulation.. 2018 8 (3):2045894018794051. Epub 07/23/2018.

IFN-? and TNF-? synergism may provide a link between psoriasis and inflammatory atherogenesis.

Mehta NN, Teague HL, Swindell WR, Baumer Y, Ward NL, Xing X, Baugous B, Johnston A, Joshi AA, Silverman J, Barnes DH, Wolterink L, Nair RP, Stuart PE, Playford M, Voorhees JJ, Sarkar MK, Elder JT, Gallagher K, Ganesh SK, Gudjonsson JE

Scientific reports.. 2017 October 237 (1):13831. Epub 10/23/2017.

The relationship between duration of psoriasis, vascular inflammation, and cardiovascular events.

Egeberg A, Skov L, Joshi AA, Mallbris L, Gislason GH, Wu JJ, Rodante J, Lerman JB, Ahlman MA, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.. 2017 October 77 (4):650-656.e3. Epub 08/18/2017.

Association Between Skin and Aortic Vascular Inflammation in Patients With Psoriasis: A Case-Cohort Study Using Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography.

Dey AK, Joshi AA, Chaturvedi A, Lerman JB, Aberra TM, Rodante JA, Teague HL, Harrington CL, Rivers JP, Chung JH, Kabbany MT, Natarajan B, Silverman JI, Ng Q, Sanda GE, Sorokin AV, Baumer Y, Gerson E, Prussick RB, Ehrlich A, Green LJ, Lockshin BN, Ahlman MA, Playford MP, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

JAMA cardiology.. 2017 September 12 (9):1013-1018. Epub 1900 01 01.

Coronary Plaque Characterization in Psoriasis Reveals High-Risk Features That Improve After Treatment in a Prospective Observational Study.

Lerman JB, Joshi AA, Chaturvedi A, Aberra TM, Dey AK, Rodante JA, Salahuddin T, Chung JH, Rana A, Teague HL, Wu JJ, Playford MP, Lockshin BA, Chen MY, Sandfort V, Bluemke DA, Mehta NN

Circulation.. 2017 July 18136 (3):263-276. Epub 05/08/2017.

Psoriasis as a human model of disease to study inflammatory atherogenesis.

Harrington CL, Dey AK, Yunus R, Joshi AA, Mehta NN

American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology.. 2017 May 1312 (5):H867-H873. Epub 03/03/2017.

Treatment of HIV infection with a raltegravir-based regimen increases LDL levels, but improves HDL cholesterol efflux capacity.

Funderburg NT, Xu D, Playford MP, Joshi AA, Andrade A, Kuritzkes DR, Lederman MM, Mehta NN

Antiviral therapy.. 2017 22 (1):71-75. Epub 10/14/2016.

Pathogenesis and Epidemiology of Venous Thromboembolic Disease.

Patel K, Fasanya A, Yadam S, Joshi AA, Singh AC, DuMont T

Critical care nursing quarterly.. 2017 40 (3):191-200. Epub 1900 01 01.

GlycA Is a Novel Biomarker of Inflammation and Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in Psoriasis.

Joshi AA, Lerman JB, Aberra TM, Afshar M, Teague HL, Rodante JA, Krishnamoorthy P, Ng Q, Aridi TZ, Salahuddin T, Natarajan B, Lockshin BN, Ahlman MA, Chen MY, Rader DJ, Reilly MP, Remaley AT, Bluemke DA, Playford MP, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

Circulation research.. 2016 November 11119 (11):1242-1253. Epub 09/21/2016.

Comparison of Coronary Artery Calcium Scores Between Patients With Psoriasis and Type 2 Diabetes.

Mansouri B, Kivelevitch D, Natarajan B, Joshi AA, Ryan C, Benjegerdes K, Schussler JM, Rader DJ, Reilly MP, Menter A, Mehta NN

JAMA dermatology.. 2016 November 1152 (11):1244-1253. Epub 1900 01 01.

Self-reported depression in psoriasis is associated with subclinical vascular diseases.

Aberra TM, Joshi AA, Lerman JB, Rodante JA, Dahiya AK, Teague HL, Ng Q, Silverman JI, Sorokin AV, Salahuddin T, Lockshin BN, Ahlman MA, Playford MP, Chen MY, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

Atherosclerosis.. 2016 August 251 :219-225. Epub 05/27/2016.

Characterization of Lipoprotein Composition and Function in Pediatric Psoriasis Reveals a More Atherogenic Profile.

Tom WL, Playford MP, Admani S, Natarajan B, Joshi AA, Eichenfield LF, Mehta NN

The Journal of investigative dermatology.. 2016 January 136 (1):67-73. Epub 1900 01 01.

Severity of Psoriasis Associates With Aortic Vascular Inflammation Detected by FDG PET/CT and Neutrophil Activation in a Prospective Observational Study.

Naik HB, Natarajan B, Stansky E, Ahlman MA, Teague H, Salahuddin T, Ng Q, Joshi AA, Krishnamoorthy P, Dave J, Rose SM, Doveikis J, Playford MP, Prussick RB, Ehrlich A, Kaplan MJ, Lockshin BN, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN

Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.. 2015 December 35 (12):2667-76. Epub 10/08/2015.

Cholesterol efflux capacity in humans with psoriasis is inversely related to non-calcified burden of coronary atherosclerosis.

Salahuddin T, Natarajan B, Playford MP, Joshi AA, Teague H, Masmoudi Y, Selwaness M, Chen MY, Bluemke DA, Mehta NN

European heart journal.. 2015 October 1436 (39):2662-5. Epub 07/18/2015.

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