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Cynthia J. Gibson, N.P.


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Journal Articles

Gibson C, Johnson NE, Eastwood E, Heatwole C. "Inclusion Body Myositis: What Most Impacts Patients' Lives." Journal of clinical neuromuscular disease.. 2016 Dec 0; 18(2):67-71.

Rose MR, McDermott MP, Thornton CA, Palenski C, Martens WB, Griggs RC. "A prospective natural history study of inclusion body myositis: implications for clinical trials." Neurology.. 2001 Aug 14; 57(3):548-50.

Tawil R, McDermott MP, Brown R, Shapiro BC, Ptacek LJ, McManis PG, Dalakas MC, Spector SA, Mendell JR, Hahn AF, Griggs RC. "Randomized trials of dichlorphenamide in the periodic paralyses. Working Group on Periodic Paralysis." Annals of neurology.. 2000 Jan 0; 47(1):46-53.

Orrell RW, Johnston HM, Gibson C, Cass RM, Griggs RC. "Spontaneous abdominal hematoma in dermatomyositis." Muscle & nerve.. 1998 Dec 0; 21(12):1800-3.

Sansone V, Boynton J, Palenski C. "Use of gold weights to correct lagophthalmos in neuromuscular disease." Neurology.. 1997 Jun 0; 48(6):1500-3.

Cushman, L.; Podur, K. and Palenski, C. "Predicting discharge functional status and rehabilitation efficiency from preadmisison functional assessments." Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease. 1995; 5: 33-38.

Herr, B.; Martens, W.; Bucknell, R.; McDermott, M.; Plumb, S.; Palenski, C. "A self-report design prompting the validity and retrieval rate of outcome measures in a controlled trial of Dichlorphenamide in Periodic Paralysis." Controlled Clinical Trials. 1993; 5(14): 449.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Implications of molecular defects for classification and treatment of periodic paralysis.
Book Title: Xth International Congress of EMG and Clinical Neurophysiology
Author List: Griggs, RC, Tawil, R., Brown, RJ, Shaprio, BE, Ptacek, LJ, McManis, PG, Dalakas, MC, Mendell, JR, Hahn, AF, McDermoot, MP and the Working Group on Periodic Paralysis.
Edited By: Kimura, J and Shibasaki, H.
Published By: Elsevier Schience B. V.1996 in Koyto