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Moore, R.G.; Miller, M.C.; Kim, K.; Sivagnanalingham, U.; DuBeshter, B.; Angel, C.; Thomas, S.G.; Seto, K.; Englert, D. "Ember Trial: "Evaluation of multiple protein and molecular biomarkers to estimate risk of cancer in gynecology patients presenting with a pelvic mass"". 2018; 149(Supplement 1): 178-179.

Youn, P; Angel, C; DuBeshter, B; Thomas, SG; Moore, RG; Singh, DP; Bylund, KC. "Clinical outcome after adjuvant vaginal brachytherapy for Stage I-II papillary serous clear cell endometrial cancer". International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 2016; 96(2S): E310-E311.

Ackroyd, SA; Altobelli, K; Angel, C; Thomas, SG; DuBeshter, B. "Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and robot-assisted interval cytoreduction in patients with advanced ovarian cancer." 2016; .

DuBeshter, Brent MD; Angel, Cynthia, MD; Toy, Eugene, MD; Thomas, Sajeena, MD; Glantz, J. Christopher, MD, MPH. "Current Role of Robotic Hysterectomy". Journal of Gynecologic Surgery. 2013; 29(4): 174-178.

Sato, Holly; DuBesheter, Brent; Robins, Amber; Angel, Cynthia; Toy, Eugene; Thomas, Sajeena. "Does robotic surgical staging of endometrial cancer compromise outcomes?" . Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2013; 10.4236(3): 41-46.

DuBeshter, B.; Walsh, C.J.; Altobelli, K.; Loughner, J.; Angel, C. "Experience with computerized chemotherapy order entry" . Journal Oncology Practice. 2006; 2(2): 49-52.

DuBeshter, B.; Griggs, J.; Angel, C.; Loughner, J. "Chemotherapy dose limits set by users of a computer order entry system" . Hospital Pharmacy. 2006; 41(2): 1-7.

Brown, AK; Gillis, S; Angel,C; Glantz, C; DuBeshter, B. "Abnormal cervical cytology: a risk factor for endometrial cancer recurrence." Int J Gynecological Cancer. 2005; 15: 517-22.

DuBeshter B, Estler K, Altobelli K, McDonald S, Glantz C, Angel C. "High-dose rate brachytherapy for Stage I/II papillary serous or clear cell endometrial cancer." Gynecologic oncology.. 2004 Aug; 94(2):383-6.

DuBeshter B, Deuel C, Gillis S, Glantz C, Angel C, Guzick D. "Endometrial cancer: the potential role of cervical cytology in current surgical staging." Obstetrics and gynecology.. 2003 Mar; 101(3):445-50.

Arkoulakis NS, Angel CL, DuBeshter B, Serletti JM. "Reconstruction of an extensive vulvectomy defect using the gluteus maximus fasciocutaneous V-Y advancement flap." Annals of plastic surgery.. 2002 Jul; 49(1):50-4; discussion 54.

Fultz PJ, Jacobs CV, Hall WJ, Gottlieb R, Rubens D, Totterman SM, Meyers S, Angel C, Del Priore G, Warshal DP, Zou KH, Shapiro DE. "Ovarian cancer: comparison of observer performance for four methods of interpreting CT scans." Radiology.. 1999 Aug; 212(2):401-10.

Kang, Y; Chen, Y; Casey, W; Smudzin, T; Rubin, P; Angel, C; DuBeshter, B. "Can combination vaginal HDR brachytherapy and lymphadenectomy replace adjuvant pelvic XRT for early stage endometrial cancer?". International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1998; 42(1(1)): 318.

Wilbur DC, Dubeshter B, Angel C, Atkison KM. "Use of thin-layer preparations for gynecologic smears with emphasis on the cytomorphology of high-grade intraepithelial lesions and carcinomas." Diagnostic cytopathology.. 1996 May; 14(3):201-11.

Casey, W; Chen, Y; DuBeshter, B; Angel, C; Dawson, A; Smudzin, T; Rubin, P. "Adjuvant radiotherapy for uterine papillary serous carcinoma: whole abdominopelvic pelvic irradiation." International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics. 1996; 36(1): 329.

Nakamura, C; Chen, Y; DuBeshter, B; Angel, C; Dawson, A; Casey, W. "Local therapy for small cell carcinoma of the cervix." International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics. 1996; 36(1(1)): 326.

Del Priore G, Gurski KJ, Warshal DP, Angel C, Dubeshter B. "Adrenal function following high-dose steroids in ovarian cancer patients." Gynecologic oncology.. 1995 Oct; 59(1):102-4.

Del Priore G, Smith P, Warshal DP, Dubeshter B, Angel C. "Paclitaxel-associated hypersensitivity reaction despite high-dose steroids and prolonged infusions." Gynecologic oncology.. 1995 Feb; 56(2):316-8.

Freeman, S.M.; McCune, C.; Robinson, W.; Abboud, C.N.; Abraham, G.N.; Angel, C.; Marrogi, A. "The treatment of ovarian cancer with a gene modified cancer vaccine: a phase I study." Hum Gen Ther. 1995; 6(7): 927-939.

Bellg AJ, Morrow GR, Barry M, Angel C, DuBeshter B. "Autonomic measures associated with chemotherapy-related nausea: techniques and issues." Cancer investigation.. 1995 13(3):313-23.

Abulafia O, Sherer DM, Fultz PJ, Sternberg LB, Angel C. "Unusual endovaginal ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging of placental site trophoblastic tumor." American journal of obstetrics and gynecology.. 1994 Mar; 170(3):750-2.

Abulafia O, Angel C, Sherer DM, Fultz PJ, Bonfiglio TA, DuBeshter B. "Computed tomography of leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata with malignant transformation." American journal of obstetrics and gynecology.. 1993 Jul; 169(1):52-4.

Lin JY, Angel C, DuBeshter B, Walsh CJ. "Diagnoses after laparotomy for a mass in the pelvic area in women." Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics.. 1993 Apr; 176(4):333-8.

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Morrow GR, Angel C, Dubeshter B. "Autonomic changes during cancer chemotherapy induced nausea and emesis." The British journal of cancer. Supplement.. 1992 Dec; 19:S42-5.

Lin, J.Y.; DuBeshter, B.; Angel, C.; Dvoretsky , P.M. "Morbidity and recurrence with modifications of radical vulvectomy and groin dissection." Gynecol Oncol. 1992; 1: 80-86.

Angel, C.; DuBeshter, B.; Lin, J.Y. "Clinical presentation and management of stage I cervical adenocarcinoma: a 25 year experience." Gynecol Oncol. 1992; 1(44): 71-80.

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DuBeshter, B; Warshal, D.P.; Angel, C; Dvoretsky, P.M.; Lin, J; Yandraubertas, R.F.. ""Endometrial Carcinoma: The Relevance of Cervical Cytology"." Proc Soc Gynecologic Oncology. 1991; .

Sherer, D.M.; Abramowicz, J.S.; Thompson, H.O.; Liberto, L.; Angel, C.; Woods, J.R. Jr. "Comparison of transabdominal and endovaginal sonographic approaches in the diagnosis of a case of cervical pregnancy successfully treated with methotrexate." J Ultrasound Med. 1991; 7(10): 409-411.

Dvoretsky, P.M.; Richards, K.A.; Angel, C.; Rabinowitz, L.; Beecham, J.B.; Bonfiglio, T.A. "Survival time. Causes of death, and tumor/treatment-related morbidity in 100 women with ovarian cancer." Hum Pathol. 1988; 11(19): 1273-1279.

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Slayton, R.D.; Blessing, J.A.; Angel, C.; Berman, M. "Phase II trial of etoposide in the management of advanced and recurrent leiomyosarcoma of the uterus: a Gynecologic Oncology Group Study." Cancer Treat Rep. 1988; 1(150): 135-138.

Angel C, Beecham JB, Rubens DJ, Thornbury JR, Stoler MH. "Magnetic resonance imaging and pathologic correlation in stage IB cervix cancers." Gynecologic oncology.. 1987 Jul; 27(3):357-67.

Angel, C.; Beecham, J.B.; Rubens, D.J.; Thornbury, J.R.; Stoler, M.H. "Magnetic resonance imaging and the pathologic correlation in stage IB cervix cancers." Gynecol Oncol. 1987; 12(71): 303-304.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Surgical therapy for Uterine Tumors
Book Title: Clinical Practice of Gynecology
Author List: Angel, C.; Adelson, M. D.; Sutton, G.; Kline, R.C.; Delmore, J.; Malone, J.M. Jr.; Turner, D.A.
Edited By: Michael S. Baggish, MD
Published By: Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc.1991 in New York

Chapter Title: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Book Title: Clinical Practices in Oncology
Author List: DuBeshter, B., Lin, JY, and Angel, C
Edited By: Rubin, P.
Published By: Pergamon Press1990