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Anne Christine Nofziger, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Nofziger AC, Naumburg EH, Davis BJ, Mooney CJ, Epstein RM. "Impact of peer assessment on the professional development of medical students: a qualitative study." Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.. 2010 Jan 0; 85(1):140-7.

Lurie SJ, Mooney CJ, Nofziger AC, Meldrum SC, Epstein RM. "Further challenges in measuring communication skills: accounting for actor effects in standardised patient assessments." Medical education.. 2008 Jul 0; 42(7):662-8. Epub 2008 May 23.

Lurie SJ, Meldrum S, Nofziger AC, Sillin LF, Mooney CJ, Epstein RM. "Changes in self-perceived abilities among male and female medical students after the first year of clinical training." Medical teacher.. 2007 Nov 0; 29(9):921-6.

Lurie SJ, Lambert DR, Nofziger AC, Epstein RM, Grady-Weliky TA. "Relationship between peer assessment during medical school, dean's letter rankings, and ratings by internship directors." Journal of general internal medicine.. 2007 Jan 0; 22(1):13-6.

Lurie SJ, Nofziger AC, Meldrum S, Mooney C, Epstein RM. "Effects of rater selection on peer assessment among medical students." Medical education.. 2006 Nov 0; 40(11):1088-97.

Lurie SJ, Nofziger AC, Meldrum S, Mooney C, Epstein RM. "Temporal and group-related trends in peer assessment amongst medical students." Medical education.. 2006 Sep 0; 40(9):840-7.

Nofziger AC, Lurie SJ, Epstein RM. "In response to "medical students' views on peer assessment of professionalism"." Journal of general internal medicine.. 2006 Apr 0; 21(4):398-9; author reply 399.

Dannefer EF; Henson LC; Grady-Weliky TA; Meldrum SC; Barclay C; Nofziger AC; Epstein RM. "Peer assessment of professional competence: feasibility and outcomes with undergraduate medical students." Medical Education. 2005; 39(7): 713-22.

Epstein RM, Dannefer EF, Nofziger AC, Hansen JT, Schultz SH, Jospe N, Connard LW, Meldrum SC, Henson LC. "Comprehensive assessment of professional competence: the Rochester experiment." Teaching and learning in medicine.. 2004 16(2):186-96.

Epstein,R; Henson, L; Schultz, S; Nofziger, A; Hansen, J; Courtney, MA; Dannefer, E; Jospe, N; Connard, L; Hundert, E. "Beyond the OSCE: Comprehensive Assessment of Professional Competence" . JGIM. 2002; 93(7).

Harkness, JL; Nofziger, A. "Training in a Collaborative Context." Families, Systems & Health. 1998; 16(4): 443-450.

Blatt, A; Nofziger, A; Levy, P. "Incorporating Medical Student Documentation into the Billable Encounter: A Pragmatic Approach to Implementation of the 2018 CMS Rule Revision"" . Chest. .

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Educational Scholarship
Book Title: Guidebook for Clerkship Directors
Author List: Christopher J. Mooney, Sarah E. Peyre, Anne C. Nofziger
Edited By: Bruce Z Morgenstern
Published By: Gegensatz Press2019 in Syracuse, NY

Chapter Title: Sideroblastic Anemia
Book Title: The 5-Minute Clinical Consult
Author List: Nofziger, AC
Edited By: Domino, FJ (Ed)
Published By: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins2007