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Michael Stanton, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Hehir MK, Figueroa JJ, Zynda-Weiss AM, Stanton M, Logigian EL. "Unexpected neuroimaging abnormalities in patients with apparent C8 radiculopathy: broadening the clinical spectrum." Muscle & nerve.. 2012 Jun 0; 45(6):859-65.

Stanton M, Pannoni V, Lewis RA, Logigian EL, Naguib D, Shy ME, Cleland J, Herrmann DN. "Dispersion of compound muscle action potential in hereditary neuropathies and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy." Muscle & nerve.. 2006 Oct 0; 34(4):417-22.

Chai J, Herrmann DN, Stanton M, Barbano RL, Logigian EL. "Painful small-fiber neuropathy in Sjogren syndrome." Neurology.. 2005 Sep 27; 65(6):925-7.

Herrmann DN, Ferguson ML, Pannoni V, Barbano RL, Stanton M, Logigian EL. "Plantar nerve AP and skin biopsy in sensory neuropathies with normal routine conduction studies." Neurology.. 2004 Sep 14; 63(5):879-85.

Stanton, M; Albers, JW. "Evaluation of Radiculopathy: EMG or MRI?". Neurology Network Commentary. 1999; 3: 261-264.

Hedera P, Stanton M, Flöer B, Wald JJ. "Prolonged coma after continuous sedation with propofol." European neurology.. 1999 41(2):116-7.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Radial Neuropathy
Book Title: Handbook of Peripheral Neuropathy
Author List: Stanton, M
Edited By: Bromberg, MD; Smith, AG
Published By: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC2005