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M Colleen O'Neil Davis, M.D., M.P.H.


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Journal Articles

Chamberlain, J; Capparelli, E; Brown, K; Vance, C; Lillis, K; Mahajan, P; Lichenstein, R; Stanley, R; Davis, C; Gordon, S; Baren, J; Blumer, J; van den Anker, J. "Pharmacokinetics of Lorazepam in pediatric patients with and without status epilepticus." Journal of Pediatrics. 2012; 160(4): 667-672.

Deutsch, RJ; Davis, CO. "Wegner's Granulomatosis" . Consultant for Pediatricians. 2012; 11(4): 109-122.

Kellogg, KM; Fairbanks, RJ; O'Connor AB; Davis, CO; Shah MN. "Association of Pain Score Documentation and Analgesic Use in a Pediatric Emergency Department" . Pediatric Emergency Care. 2012; 28(12): 1 - 6.

Chamberlain, J; Lillis,K; Vance, C; Brown, K; Fawumi, O; Davis, C; Singh, T; Baren, J; PECARN. "Perceived challenges to obtaining informed consent for a time-sensitive emergency department study of pediatric status epilepticus. Results of two focus groups." Academic Emergency Medicine. 2009; 16(8): 763-770.

Shah, M; Cushman, J; Davis, C; Bazarian, J; Auinger, P; Friedman, B. "The Epidemiology of Emergency Medical Services use by Children: An analysis of the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey." Prehospital Emergency Care. 2008; 12(3): 269-276.

Shah, M; Davis, C; Bauer, C; Arnold, J. "Preferences for EMS transport and Pediatric Emeergency Department Care." Prehospital Emergency Care. 2008; 12(2): 169-175.

Hostetler, M; Davis, C. "Research training among Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows" . American Journal of Emergency Medcine. 2002; 20(3): 222-227.

Hostetler, M; Davis, C. "Prospective age-based comparison of behavioral reactions occurring after ketamine sedation in the ED." American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2002; 20(5): 463-468.

Camargo, C; MARC investigators; Davis, C. "Asthma education in the Emergency Department" . Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2000; 36(3): 204-211.

Hostetler, M; Davis, C. "Galeazzi fracture resulting from electrical shock." Pediatric Emergency Care. 2000; 16(4): 258-259.

Hostetler, M; Davis, CO. "Bilateral Localized tension pneumothoraces refractory to needle decompression." Pediatric Emergency Care. 1999; 15(5): 322-324.

Bazarian, J; Davis, CO; Spillane, L; Blumstein, H; Schneider, S. "Does a highly structured, evidence-based medicine journal club improve the critical appraisal skills of emergency medicine residents?" . Annals of Emergency Medicine. 1999; 34(2): 148-154.

Davis, CO; Wax PM. "Prehospital epinephrine overdose in a child resulting in ventricular dysrhythmias and myocardial ischemia." Pediatric Emergency Care. 1999; 15(2): 116-118.

Davis, CO; Cobaugh, DJ; Leahey, NF; Wax, PM. "Toxicology training in Paramedic Students in the United States." American Jounral of Emergency Medicine. 1999; 17(2): 138-140.

Davis, CO; Rodewald, L. "Use of EMS for seriously ill children from the office: A survey of primary care physicians." Prehospital Emergency Care. 1999; 3(2): 102-106.

Davis, CO; Wax PM. "Flumazenil associated seizure in an 11-month-old." Epilepsy. 1997; 4: 4-5.

Davis, CO; Wax, PM. "Flumazenil Associated seizure in an 11-month-old" . Journal of Emergency Medicine. 1996; 14(331-333).

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Pediatric Airway Management
Book Title: Encyclopedia of Trauma Care
Author List: Davis, C; Dhillon R.
Edited By: Papadakos P; Gestring M.
Published By: Springer - Verlag2014 in Berlin, Heidelberg

Chapter Title: Advances in Patient Safety: New Directions and Alternative Approaches
Book Title: Clinical Pharmacists in Emergency Medicine
Author List: Fairbanks, RJ; Rueckmann, RA; Kolstee, KE; Hays, DP; Davis, CO; et all
Published By: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality2008 in Rockville, MD

Chapter Title: You Can: A guide for women emergency physicians
Book Title: Beginning your family after residency training
Author List: Davis, CO
Published By: Sandra Schneider2004

Chapter Title: Clinical Toxicology
Book Title: Focused Physical Exam and Toxidromes
Author List: Davis, CO;, Wax, PM; Delaney, M; King, K; et al.
Published By: WB Saunders2001 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: In Procedures for Primary Care Pediatricians
Book Title: Triage, Stabilization, and Transport.
Author List: Badawy, M; Davis, CO; Goepp, J; Hostetler, M
Published By: Mosby2001 in St. Louis

Chapter Title: Pediastat
Book Title: Rabies
Author List: Davis, CO; Orenstein, J; Klein, B; Mayer, T
Published By: CMC Research1998

Chapter Title: Rhabdomyolysis
Book Title: Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine
Author List: Davis,Co; Wax, PM;
Published By: American College of Emergency Physicians1996