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Simpson DM, Schifitto G, Clifford DB, Murphy TK, Durso-De Cruz E, Glue P, Whalen E, Emir B, Scott GN, Freeman R, . "Pregabalin for painful HIV neuropathy: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial." Neurology.. 2010 Feb 2; 74(5):413-20.

Cohen RA, Harezlak J, Schifitto G, Hana G, Clark U, Gongvatana A, Paul R, Taylor M, Thompson P, Alger J, Brown M, Zhong J, Campbell T, Singer E, Daar E, McMahon D, Tso Y, Yiannoutsos CT, Navia B. "Effects of nadir CD4 count and duration of human immunodeficiency virus infection on brain volumes in the highly active antiretroviral therapy era." Journal of neurovirology.. 2010 Feb; 16(1):25-32.

Eggert D, Dash PK, Gorantla S, Dou H, Schifitto G, Maggirwar SB, Dewhurst S, Poluektova L, Gelbard HA, Gendelman HE. "Neuroprotective activities of CEP-1347 in models of neuroAIDS." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists.. 2010 Jan 15; 184(2):746-56. Epub 2009 Dec 04.

Schifitto G, Yiannoutsos CT, Ernst T, Navia BA, Nath A, Sacktor N, Anderson C, Marra CM, Clifford DB, . "Selegiline and oxidative stress in HIV-associated cognitive impairment." Neurology.. 2009 Dec 8; 73(23):1975-81. Epub 2009 Nov 04.

Dicenzo R, Difrancesco R, Cruttenden K, Donnelly J, Schifitto G. "Lopinavir cerebrospinal fluid steady-state trough concentrations in HIV-infected adults." The Annals of pharmacotherapy.. 2009 Dec; 43(12):1972-7. Epub 2009 Nov 24.

Marra CM, Zhao Y, Clifford DB, Letendre S, Evans S, Henry K, Ellis RJ, Rodriguez B, Coombs RW, Schifitto G, McArthur JC, Robertson K, . "Impact of combination antiretroviral therapy on cerebrospinal fluid HIV RNA and neurocognitive performance." AIDS.. 2009 Jul 17; 23(11):1359-66.

Schifitto G, Zhong J, Gill D, Peterson DR, Gaugh MD, Zhu T, Tivarus M, Cruttenden K, Maggirwar SB, Gendelman HE, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA. "Lithium therapy for human immunodeficiency virus type 1-associated neurocognitive impairment." Journal of neurovirology.. 2009 Apr; 15(2):176-86.

Zhu T, Liu X, Gaugh MD, Connelly PR, Ni H, Ekholm S, Schifitto G, Zhong J. "Evaluation of measurement uncertainties in human diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)-derived parameters and optimization of clinical DTI protocols with a wild bootstrap analysis." Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI.. 2009 Feb; 29(2):422-35.

DiCenzo R, Peterson DR, Cruttenden K, Mariuz P, Rezk NL, Hochreiter J, Gelbard H, Schifitto G. "Effects of minocycline and valproic acid coadministration on atazanavir plasma concentrations in human immunodeficiency virus-infected adults receiving atazanavir-ritonavir." Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy.. 2008 Sep; 52(9):3035-9. Epub 2008 Jun 23.

Schifitto G, Friedman JH, Oakes D, Shulman L, Comella CL, Marek K, Fahn S, . "Fatigue in levodopa-naive subjects with Parkinson disease." Neurology.. 2008 Aug 12; 71(7):481-5.

Evans,S.R.; Clifford,D.B.; Kitch,D.W.; Goodkin,K.; Schifitto,G.; McArthur,J.C.; Simpson,D.M.;. "Simplification of the Research Diagnosis of HIV-Associated Sensory Neuropathy" . HIV Clin Trials. 2008; 9(6): 434-439.

Schifitto G, Zhang J, Evans SR, Sacktor N, Simpson D, Millar LL, Hung VL, Miller EN, Smith E, Ellis RJ, Valcour V, Singer E, Marra CM, Kolson D, Weihe J, Remmel R, Katzenstein D, Clifford DB, . "A multicenter trial of selegiline transdermal system for HIV-associated cognitive impairment." Neurology.. 2007 Sep 25; 69(13):1314-21. Epub 2007 Jul 25.

Schifitto G, Navia BA, Yiannoutsos CT, Marra CM, Chang L, Ernst T, Jarvik JG, Miller EN, Singer EJ, Ellis RJ, Kolson DL, Simpson D, Nath A, Berger J, Shriver SL, Millar LL, Colquhoun D, Lenkinski R, Gonzalez RG, Lipton SA, , , . "Memantine and HIV-associated cognitive impairment: a neuropsychological and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study." AIDS.. 2007 Sep 12; 21(14):1877-86.

DiFrancesco R, DiCenzo R, Vicente G, Donnelly J, Martin TM, Colon LA, Schifito G, Morse GD. "Determination of lopinavir cerebral spinal fluid and plasma ultrafiltrate concentrations by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry." Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis.. 2007 Sep 3; 44(5):1139-46. Epub 2007 May 25.

Wachtman LM, Skolasky RL, Tarwater PM, Esposito D, Schifitto G, Marder K, McDermott MP, Cohen BA, Nath A, Sacktor N, Epstein LG, Mankowski JL, McArthur JC. "Platelet decline: an avenue for investigation into the pathogenesis of human immunodeficiency virus -associated dementia." Archives of neurology.. 2007 Sep; 64(9):1264-72.

Sui Z, Sniderhan LF, Schifitto G, Phipps RP, Gelbard HA, Dewhurst S, Maggirwar SB. "Functional synergy between CD40 ligand and HIV-1 Tat contributes to inflammation: implications in HIV type 1 dementia." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists.. 2007 Mar 1; 178(5):3226-36.

Dewhurst S, Maggirwar SB, Schifitto G, Gendelman HE, Gelbard HA. "Glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK-3 beta) as a therapeutic target in neuroAIDS." Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology.. 2007 Mar; 2(1):93-6. Epub 2006 Dec 16.

Dorsey ER, Constantinescu R, Thompson JP, Biglan KM, Holloway RG, Kieburtz K, Marshall FJ, Ravina BM, Schifitto G, Siderowf A, Tanner CM. "Projected number of people with Parkinson disease in the most populous nations, 2005 through 2030." Neurology.. 2007 Jan 30; 68(5):384-6. Epub 2006 Nov 02.

Sevigny JJ, Albert SM, McDermott MP, Schifitto G, McArthur JC, Sacktor N, Conant K, Selnes OA, Stern Y, McClernon DR, Palumbo D, Kieburtz K, Riggs G, Cohen B, Marder K, Epstein LG. "An evaluation of neurocognitive status and markers of immune activation as predictors of time to death in advanced HIV infection." Archives of neurology.. 2007 Jan; 64(1):97-102.

Paul RH, Yiannoutsos CT, Miller EN, Chang L, Marra CM, Schifitto G, Ernst T, Singer E, Richards T, Jarvik GJ, Price R, Meyerhoff DJ, Kolson D, Ellis RJ, Gonzalez G, Lenkinski RE, Cohen RA, Navia BA. "Proton MRS and neuropsychological correlates in AIDS dementia complex: evidence of subcortical specificity." The Journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical neurosciences.. 2007 19(3):283-92.

Evans SR, Yeh TM, Sacktor N, Clifford DB, Simpson D, Miller EN, Ellis RJ, Valcour V, Marra CM, Millar L, Schifitto G, . "Selegiline transdermal system (STS) for HIV-associated cognitive impairment: open-label report of ACTG 5090." HIV clinical trials.. 2007 8(6):437-46.

Schifitto G, Yiannoutsos CT, Simpson DM, Marra CM, Singer EJ, Kolson DL, Nath A, Berger JR, Navia B, . "A placebo-controlled study of memantine for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus-associated sensory neuropathy." Journal of neurovirology.. 2006 Aug; 12(4):328-31.

Sui Z, Fan S, Sniderhan L, Reisinger E, Litzburg A, Schifitto G, Gelbard HA, Dewhurst S, Maggirwar SB. "Inhibition of mixed lineage kinase 3 prevents HIV-1 Tat-mediated neurotoxicity and monocyte activation." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists.. 2006 Jul 1; 177(1):702-11.

Simpson DM, Kitch D, Evans SR, McArthur JC, Asmuth DM, Cohen B, Goodkin K, Gerschenson M, So Y, Marra CM, Diaz-Arrastia R, Shriver S, Millar L, Clifford DB, . "HIV neuropathy natural history cohort study: assessment measures and risk factors." Neurology.. 2006 Jun 13; 66(11):1679-87.

Schifitto G, Peterson DR, Zhong J, Ni H, Cruttenden K, Gaugh M, Gendelman HE, Boska M, Gelbard H. "Valproic acid adjunctive therapy for HIV-associated cognitive impairment: a first report." Neurology.. 2006 Mar 28; 66(6):919-21. Epub 2006 Mar 01.

Herrmann DN, McDermott MP, Sowden JE, Henderson D, Messing S, Cruttenden K, Schifitto G. "Is skin biopsy a predictor of transition to symptomatic HIV neuropathy? A longitudinal study." Neurology.. 2006 Mar 28; 66(6):857-61.

Sacktor N, Skolasky RL, Ernst T, Mao X, Selnes O, Pomper MG, Chang L, Zhong K, Shungu DC, Marder K, Shibata D, Schifitto G, Bobo L, Barker PB. "A multicenter study of two magnetic resonance spectroscopy techniques in individuals with HIV dementia." Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI.. 2005 Apr; 21(4):325-33.

Schifitto G, McDermott MP, McArthur JC, Marder K, Sacktor N, McClernon DR, Conant K, Cohen B, Epstein LG, Kieburtz K, . "Markers of immune activation and viral load in HIV-associated sensory neuropathy." Neurology.. 2005 Mar 8; 64(5):842-8.

Sevigny JJ, Albert SM, McDermott MP, McArthur JC, Sacktor N, Conant K, Schifitto G, Selnes OA, Stern Y, McClernon DR, Palumbo D, Kieburtz K, Riggs G, Cohen B, Epstein LG, Marder K. "Evaluation of HIV RNA and markers of immune activation as predictors of HIV-associated dementia." Neurology.. 2004 Dec 14; 63(11):2084-90.

Fahn S, Oakes D, Shoulson I, Kieburtz K, Rudolph A, Lang A, Olanow CW, Tanner C, Marek K, . "Levodopa and the progression of Parkinson's disease." The New England journal of medicine.. 2004 Dec 9; 351(24):2498-508.

Chang L, Lee PL, Yiannoutsos CT, Ernst T, Marra CM, Richards T, Kolson D, Schifitto G, Jarvik JG, Miller EN, Lenkinski R, Gonzalez G, Navia BA, . "A multicenter in vivo proton-MRS study of HIV-associated dementia and its relationship to age." NeuroImage.. 2004 Dec; 23(4):1336-47.

DiCenzo R, Peterson D, Cruttenden K, Morse G, Riggs G, Gelbard H, Schifitto G. "Effects of valproic acid coadministration on plasma efavirenz and lopinavir concentrations in human immunodeficiency virus-infected adults." Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy.. 2004 Nov; 48(11):4328-31.

Yiannoutsos CT, Ernst T, Chang L, Lee PL, Richards T, Marra CM, Meyerhoff DJ, Jarvik JG, Kolson D, Schifitto G, Ellis RJ, Swindells S, Simpson DM, Miller EN, Gonzalez RG, Navia BA. "Regional patterns of brain metabolites in AIDS dementia complex." NeuroImage.. 2004 Nov; 23(3):928-35.

McArthur JC, McDermott MP, McClernon D, St Hillaire C, Conant K, Marder K, Schifitto G, Selnes OA, Sacktor N, Stern Y, Albert SM, Kieburtz K, deMarcaida JA, Cohen B, Epstein LG. "Attenuated central nervous system infection in advanced HIV/AIDS with combination antiretroviral therapy." Archives of neurology.. 2004 Nov; 61(11):1687-96.

Herrmann DN, McDermott MP, Henderson D, Chen L, Akowuah K, Schifitto G, . "Epidermal nerve fiber density, axonal swellings and QST as predictors of HIV distal sensory neuropathy." Muscle & nerve.. 2004 Mar; 29(3):420-7.

Lee PL, Yiannoutsos CT, Ernst T, Chang L, Marra CM, Jarvik JG, Richards TL, Kwok EW, Kolson DL, Simpson D, Tang CY, Schifitto G, Ketonen LM, Meyerhoff DJ, Lenkinski RE, Gonzalez RG, Navia BA, . "A multi-center 1H MRS study of the AIDS dementia complex: validation and preliminary analysis." Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI.. 2003 Jun; 17(6):625-33.

Marder K, Albert SM, McDermott MP, McArthur JC, Schifitto G, Selnes OA, Sacktor N, Stern Y, Palumbo D, Kieburtz K, Cohen B, Orme C, Epstein LG. "Inter-rater reliability of a clinical staging of HIV-associated cognitive impairment." Neurology.. 2003 May 13; 60(9):1467-73.

Simpson DM, McArthur JC, Olney R, Clifford D, So Y, Ross D, Baird BJ, Barrett P, Hammer AE, . "Lamotrigine for HIV-associated painful sensory neuropathies: a placebo-controlled trial." Neurology.. 2003 May 13; 60(9):1508-14.

Turchan J, Pocernich CB, Gairola C, Chauhan A, Schifitto G, Butterfield DA, Buch S, Narayan O, Sinai A, Geiger J, Berger JR, Elford H, Nath A. "Oxidative stress in HIV demented patients and protection ex vivo with novel antioxidants." Neurology.. 2003 Jan 28; 60(2):307-14.

Shults CW, Oakes D, Kieburtz K, Beal MF, Haas R, Plumb S, Juncos JL, Nutt J, Shoulson I, Carter J, Kompoliti K, Perlmutter JS, Reich S, Stern M, Watts RL, Kurlan R, Molho E, Harrison M, Lew M, . "Effects of coenzyme Q10 in early Parkinson disease: evidence of slowing of the functional decline." Archives of neurology.. 2002 Oct; 59(10):1541-50.

Sacktor N, McDermott MP, Marder K, Schifitto G, Selnes OA, McArthur JC, Stern Y, Albert S, Palumbo D, Kieburtz K, De Marcaida JA, Cohen B, Epstein L. "HIV-associated cognitive impairment before and after the advent of combination therapy." Journal of neurovirology.. 2002 Apr; 8(2):136-42.

Simpson DM, Haidich AB, Schifitto G, Yiannoutsos CT, Geraci AP, McArthur JC, Katzenstein DA, . "Severity of HIV-associated neuropathy is associated with plasma HIV-1 RNA levels." AIDS.. 2002 Feb 15; 16(3):407-12.

Clifford,D.B.; McArthur,J.C.; Schifitto,G.; Kieburtz,K.; McDermott,M.P.; Letendre,S.; Cohen,B.A.; Marder,K.; Ellis,R.J.; Marra,C.M.; Neurological AIDS Research Consortium;. "A randomized clinical trial of CPI-1189 for HIV-associated cognitive-motor impairment". Neurol. 2002; 59: 1568-1573.

Polydefkis,M.; Yiannoutsos,C.; Cohen,B.; Hollander,H.; Schifitto,G.; Clifford,D.B.; Simpson,D.M.; Katzenstein,D.; Shriver,S.; Hauer,P.; Brown,A.; Haidich,A.-B.; Moo,L.R.; McArthur,J.C.;. "Reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density in HIV-associated sensory neuropathy". Neurol. 2002; 58: 115-119.

Schifitto,G.; McDermott,M.P.; McArthur,J.C.; Marder,K.; Sacktor,N.; Epstein,L.; Kieburtz,K.; The Dana Consortium on the Therapy of HIV Dementia and Related Cognitive Disorders;. "Incidence of and risk factors for HIV-associated distal sensory polyneuropathy". Neurol. 2002; 58: 1764-1768.

Vedhara,K.; McDermott,M.P.; Evans,T.; Treanor,J.; Plummer,S.; Tallon,D.; Chen,D.; Cruttenden,K.; Schifitto,G.;. "Chronic stress in non-elderly caregivers: Psychological, endocrine and immune implications". J Psychosomatic Research. 2002; 53: 1153-1161.

Simpson DM, Katzenstein D, Haidich B, Millington D, Yiannoutsos C, Schifitto G, McArthur J, . "Plasma carnitine in HIV-associated neuropathy." AIDS.. 2001 Nov 9; 15(16):2207-8.

Huntington Study Group. "A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of coenzyme Q10 and remacemide in Huntington's disease". Neurology. 2001; 57(3): 397-404.

Stern Y, McDermott MP, Albert S, Palumbo D, Selnes OA, McArthur J, Sacktor N, Schifitto G, Kieburtz K, Epstein L, Marder KS, . "Factors associated with incident human immunodeficiency virus-dementia." Archives of neurology.. 2001 Mar; 58(3):473-9.

Schifitto,G.; Kieburtz,K.; McDermott,M.P.; McArthur,J.; Marder,K.; Sacktor,N.; Palumbo,D.; Selnes,O.; Stern,Y.; Epstein,L.; Albert,S.;. "Clinical trials in HIV-associated cognitive impairment: Cognitive and functional outcomes". Neurol. 2001; 56: 415-418.

Schifitto,G.; Yiannoutsos,C.; Simpson,D.M.; Adornato,B.T.; Singer,E.J.; Hollander,H.; Marra,C.M.; Rubin,M.; Cohen,B.A.; Tucker,T.; Koralnik,I.J.; Katzenstein,D.; Haidich,B.; Smith,M.E.; Shriver,S.; Millar,L.; Clifford,D.B.; McArthur,J.C.; the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Team 291;. "Long-term treatment with recombinant nerve growth factor for HIV-associated sensory neuropathy". Neurol. 2001; 57: 1313-1316.

Schifitto G, McDermott MP, Evans T, Fitzgerald T, Schwimmer J, Demeter L, Kieburtz K. "Autonomic performance and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate levels in HIV-1-infected individuals: relationship to TH1 and TH2 cytokine profile." Archives of neurology.. 2000 Jul; 57(7):1027-32.

McArthur JC, Yiannoutsos C, Simpson DM, Adornato BT, Singer EJ, Hollander H, Marra C, Rubin M, Cohen BA, Tucker T, Navia BA, Schifitto G, Katzenstein D, Rask C, Zaborski L, Smith ME, Shriver S, Millar L, Clifford DB, Karalnik IJ. "A phase II trial of nerve growth factor for sensory neuropathy associated with HIV infection. AIDS Clinical Trials Group Team 291." Neurology.. 2000 Mar 14; 54(5):1080-8.

Sacktor,N.; Schifitto,G.; McDermott,M.P.; Marder,K.; McArthur,J.C.; Kieburtz,K.;. "Transdermal selegiline in HIV-associated cognitive impairment: pilot placebo-controlled study". Neurol. 2000; 54: 233-235.

Schifitto G, Sacktor N, Marder K, McDermott MP, McArthur JC, Kieburtz K, Small S, Epstein LG. "Randomized trial of the platelet-activating factor antagonist lexipafant in HIV-associated cognitive impairment. Neurological AIDS Research Consortium." Neurology.. 1999 Jul 22; 53(2):391-6.

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Schifitto G, Barbano RL, Kieburtz KD, Cohn SE, Zwillich SH. "HIV related vasculitic mononeuropathy multiplex: a role for IVIg?" Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry.. 1997 Aug; 63(2):255-6.

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Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Cognitive Impairment
Book Title: Handbook of Neurologic Rating Scales
Author List: Schifitto G, Gaugh MD
Edited By: R. M. Herndon
Published By: Demos Medical Publishing2006

Chapter Title: HIV-1-Associated Dementia (HAD)
Book Title: Handbook of Secondary Dementias
Author List: Schifitto G, Mariuz P.
Edited By: R. Kurlan, MD
Published By: Taylor & Francis2006

Chapter Title: HIV-Associated Neuropathy and Myelopathy
Book Title: Principles of Neurologic Infectious Diseases
Author List: Herrmann D, Schifitto G.
Edited By: K. Roos, MD
Published By: McGraw-Hill2005

Chapter Title: Neurological Complications Associated with HIV-1 Infection
Book Title: Baker's Clinical Neurology
Author List: Schifitto G, Holloway R, Mariuz P, Kieburtz K.
Edited By: RJ Joynt MD, PhD and RC Griggs MD
Published By: Lippincott-Raven2003

Chapter Title: HIV-1 Infection and the Nervous System
Book Title: Clinical Neurology
Author List: Holloway R, Kieburtz K, and Schifitto G
Edited By: RJ Joynt, MD, PhD and RC Griggs, MD
Published By: Lippincott-Raven1996