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Mary Anne Morgan, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Wexler O, Gough MS, Morgan MA, Mack CM, Apostolakos MJ, Doolin KP, Mooney RA, Arning E, Bottiglieri T, Pietropaoli AP. "Methionine Metabolites in Patients With Sepsis." Journal of intensive care medicine.. 2018 Jan 0; 33(1):37-47. Epub 2016 Sep 02.

Tsang G, Insel MB, Weis JM, Morgan MA, Gough MS, Frasier LM, Mack CM, Doolin KP, Graves BT, Apostolakos MJ, Pietropaoli AP. "Bioavailable estradiol concentrations are elevated and predict mortality in septic patients: a prospective cohort study." Critical care : the official journal of the Critical Care Forum.. 2016 Oct 21; 20(1):335. Epub 2016 Oct 21.

Wexler O, Morgan MA, Gough MS, Steinmetz SD, Mack CM, Darling DC, Doolin KP, Apostolakos MJ, Graves BT, Frampton MW, Chen X, Pietropaoli AP. "Brachial artery reactivity in patients with severe sepsis: an observational study." Critical care : the official journal of the Critical Care Forum.. 2012 Dec 12; 16(2):R38. Epub 2012 Dec 12.

Gough MS, Morgan MA, Mack CM, Darling DC, Frasier LM, Doolin KP, Apostolakos MJ, Stewart JC, Graves BT, Arning E, Bottiglieri T, Mooney RA, Frampton MW, Pietropaoli AP. "The ratio of arginine to dimethylarginines is reduced and predicts outcomes in patients with severe sepsis." Critical care medicine.. 2011 Jun 0; 39(6):1351-8.

Morgan MA, Frasier LM, Stewart JC, Mack CM, Gough MS, Graves BT, Apostolakos MJ, Doolin KP, Darling DC, Frampton MW, Pietropaoli AP. "Artery-to-vein differences in nitric oxide metabolites are diminished in sepsis." Critical care medicine.. 2010 Apr 0; 38(4):1069-77.

Aung T, Bisognano JD, Morgan MA. "Allergic respiratory disease as a potential co-morbidity for hypertension." Cardiology journal.. 2010 17(5):443-7.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Pulmonary Disease in the Geriatric Population
Book Title: Geriatric Rehabilitation from Bedside to Curbside
Author List: Mary Anne Morgan, MD
Published By: CRC Press2017

Chapter Title: Fungal Pneumonias in the Occupational Setting
Book Title: Occupational and Environmental Infectious Diseases
Author List: Mary Anne Morgan and David R. Trawick
Published By: OEM Press2009