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George S. Nasra, M.D., M.B.A.


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Journal Articles

Maeng DD, Poleshuck E, Rosenberg T, Kulak A, Mahoney T, Nasra G, Lee HB, Li Y. "Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration and Care Utilization: Implications for Patient Outcome and Healthcare Resource Use." Journal of general internal medicine.. 2022 Feb 7; Epub 2022 Feb 07.

Thomas L. Schwartz, M.D.; George S. Nasra, M.D.; Mark Chilton, M.S.; David Kang, M.D.; and Hari Kumaresan, M.D. "Aripiprazole Augmentation of Selective Serotonin or Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder." Primary Psychiatry. 2007; 14(1): 67-69.

Schwartz TL, Nasra GS, Ashton AK, Kang D, Kumaresan H, Chilton M, Bertone F. "An open-label study to evaluate switching from an SSRI or SNRI to tiagabine to alleviate antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction in generalized anxiety disorder." Annals of clinical psychiatry : official journal of the American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists.. 2007 19(1):25-30.

Vasavada T, Masand PS, Nasra G. "Evaluations of competency of patients with organic mental disorder." Psychological reports.. 1997 Feb; 80(1):107-13.

Masand PS, Kaplan DS, Gupta S, Bhandary AN, Nasra GS, Kline MD, Margo KL. "Major depression and irritable bowel syndrome: is there a relationship?" The Journal of clinical psychiatry.. 1995 Aug; 56(8):363-7.