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2015 Dec 1
Whittaker RG, Herrmann DN, Bansagi B, Hasan BA, Lofra RM, Logigian EL, Sowden JE, Almodovar JL, Littleton JT, Zuchner S, Horvath R, Lochmüller H. "Electrophysiologic features of SYT2 mutations causing a treatable neuromuscular syndrome." Neurology. 2015 Dec 1; 85(22):1964-71. Epub 2015 Oct 30.
2014 Oct
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2014 Aug
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2014 Jul
Botez SA, Zynda-Weiss AM, Logigian EL. "Diffuse age-related lumbar mri changes confound diagnosis of single (L5) root lesions." Muscle & nerve. 2014 Jul; 50(1):135-7. Epub 2014 May 15.
2014 May
Johnson NE, Utz M, Patrick E, Rheinwald N, Downs M, Dilek N, Dogra V, Logigian EL. "Visualization of the diaphragm muscle with ultrasound improves diagnostic accuracy of phrenic nerve conduction studies." Muscle & nerve. 2014 May; 49(5):669-75. Epub 2014 Apr 08.
2014 Mar
Logigian EL, Villanueva R, Twydell PT, Myers B, Downs M, Preston DC, Kothari MJ, Herrmann DN. "Electrodiagnosis of ulnar neuropathy at the elbow (Une): a Bayesian approach." Muscle & nerve. 2014 Mar; 49(3):337-44. Epub 2013 Jun 26.
2013 May
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2013 Feb 14
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2013 Feb
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2012 Jun
Hehir MK, Figueroa JJ, Zynda-Weiss AM, Stanton M, Logigian EL. "Unexpected neuroimaging abnormalities in patients with apparent C8 radiculopathy: broadening the clinical spectrum." Muscle & nerve. 2012 Jun; 45(6):859-65.
2011 Aug
Johnson NE, Petraglia AL, Huang JH, Logigian EL. "Rapid resolution of severe neuralgic amyotrophy after treatment with corticosteroids and intravenous immunoglobulin." Muscle & nerve. 2011 Aug; 44(2):304-5. Epub 2011 Jun 29.
2011 Jan
Heatwole CR, Eichinger KJ, Friedman DI, Hilbert JE, Jackson CE, Logigian EL, Martens WB, McDermott MP, Pandya SK, Quinn C, Smirnow AM, Thornton CA, Moxley RT. "Open-label trial of recombinant human insulin-like growth factor 1/recombinant human insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 in myotonic dystrophy type 1." Archives of neurology. 2011 Jan; 68(1):37-44. Epub 2010 Sep 13.
2010 Oct
Chai J, Logigian EL. "Neurological manifestations of primary Sjogren's syndrome." Current opinion in neurology. 2010 Oct; 23(5):509-13.
2010 Jun
Botez SA, Kocharian N, Logigian EL. "An unusual case of finger buzzing and dysarthria." Muscle & nerve. 2010 Jun; 41(6):886-7.
2010 May 4
Logigian EL, Martens WB, Moxley RT, McDermott MP, Dilek N, Wiegner AW, Pearson AT, Barbieri CA, Annis CL, Thornton CA, Moxley RT. "Mexiletine is an effective antimyotonia treatment in myotonic dystrophy type 1." Neurology. 2010 May 4; 74(18):1441-8.
2010 Feb
Logigian EL, Twydell P, Dilek N, Martens WB, Quinn C, Wiegner AW, Heatwole CR, Thornton CA, Moxley RT. "Evoked myotonia can be "dialed-up" by increasing stimulus train length in myotonic dystrophy type 1." Muscle & nerve. 2010 Feb; 41(2):191-6.
2009 Feb
Botez SA, Liu G, Logigian E, Herrmann DN. "Is the bedside timed vibration test reliable?" Muscle & nerve. 2009 Feb; 39(2):221-3.
2008 Aug
Shapiro BE, Logigian EL, Kolodny EH, Pastores GM. "Late-onset Tay-Sachs disease: the spectrum of peripheral neuropathy in 30 affected patients." Muscle & nerve. 2008 Aug; 38(2):1012-5.
2008 Apr
Sullivan JP, Logigian EL, Kocharian N, Herrmann DN. "Yield of the sural/radial ratio versus the medial plantar nerve in sensory neuropathies with a normal sural response." Journal of clinical neurophysiology : official publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society. 2008 Apr; 25(2):111-4.
2007 Sep
Moxley RT, Logigian EL, Martens WB, Annis CL, Pandya S, Moxley RT, Barbieri CA, Dilek N, Wiegner AW, Thornton CA. "Computerized hand grip myometry reliably measures myotonia and muscle strength in myotonic dystrophy (DM1)." Muscle & nerve. 2007 Sep; 36(3):320-8.
2007 Jul 3
Halperin JJ, Shapiro ED, Logigian E, Belman AL, Dotevall L, Wormser GP, Krupp L, Gronseth G, Bever CT, . "Practice parameter: treatment of nervous system Lyme disease (an evidence-based review): report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology." Neurology. 2007 Jul 3; 69(1):91-102. Epub 2007 May 23.
2007 Apr
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2007 Apr
Cleland JC, Logigian EL. "Clinical evaluation of membrane excitability in muscle channel disorders: potential applications in clinical trials." Neurotherapeutics : the journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics. 2007 Apr; 4(2):205-15.
2006 Oct
Stanton M, Pannoni V, Lewis RA, Logigian EL, Naguib D, Shy ME, Cleland J, Herrmann DN. "Dispersion of compound muscle action potential in hereditary neuropathies and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy." Muscle & nerve. 2006 Oct; 34(4):417-22.
2006 Jun
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2005 Sep 27
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2005 Aug 9
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2005 Jul
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2005 Mar
Sowden JE, Logigian EL, Malik K, Herrmann DN. "Genotype-phenotype correlation in a family with late onset CMT and an MPZ lys236del mutation." Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. 2005 Mar; 76(3):442-4.
2004 Oct
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2004 Sep 14
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2004 Apr 13
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2003 Aug
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2003 Jun 10
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2003 May
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2003 Feb 11
Nodera H, Herrmann DN, Holloway RG, Logigian EL. "A Bayesian argument against rigid cut-offs in electrodiagnosis of median neuropathy at the wrist." Neurology. 2003 Feb 11; 60(3):458-64.
2003 Feb
Pestronk A, Choksi R, Logigian E, Al-Lozi MT. "Sensory neuropathy with monoclonal IgM binding to a trisulfated heparin disaccharide." Muscle & nerve. 2003 Feb; 27(2):188-95.
2002 Nov 26
Thaisetthawatkul P, Logigian EL, Herrmann DN. "Dispersion of the distal compound muscle action potential as a diagnostic criterion for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy." Neurology. 2002 Nov 26; 59(10):1526-32.
2002 Aug 13
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2002 Aug
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2002 Aug
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2002 Jun
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2002 Jun
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2002 May
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2001 Oct
Logigian EL, Soriano SG, Herrmann DN, Madsen JR. "Gentle dorsal root retraction and dissection can cause areflexia: implications for intraoperative monitoring during "selective" partial dorsal rhizotomy." Muscle & nerve. 2001 Oct; 24(10):1352-8.
2001 Sep
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2001 Jun 12
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2001 May
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2000 Sep 8
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2000 Feb
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1999 Dec 21
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1999 Aug
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1999 Aug
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1999 Jul
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1999 May 25
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1999 May
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1999 Apr
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1998 Dec
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1998 Dec
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1998 Sep
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1998 Jun
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1998 May
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1998 Feb 15
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1998 Jan
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1997 Dec
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1997 Jul
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1997 May
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1997 Mar
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1997 Mar
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1996 Nov
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1996 Nov
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1996 Sep
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1996 Jun
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1996 May
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1996 May
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1996 Apr
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1996 Mar
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1996 Mar
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1996 Feb
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1995 Dec
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1995 Nov
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1995 Nov
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1995 Oct
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1995 May
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1995 May
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1995 Feb
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1994 Dec
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1994 Nov 24
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1994 Oct 15
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1994 Sep
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1994 Aug
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1994 Jul
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1994 Jul
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1994 May
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1994 Apr
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1993 Nov
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1993 May
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1991 Aug 1
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1989 Jul
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