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Annie G. Philip, M.B.B.S.


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Journal Articles

Philip A, Williams M, Davis J, Beeram, A. et al. "Evaluating predictors of pain reduction after genicular nerve radiofrequency ablation for chronic knee pain". Pain Manag. 2021; .

Iwan, K; Kruppenbacher, MC; Philip, AG. "Poster 390 Effect of Atlanto-Axial Joint Injection in Treatment of Cervical Facet Arthropathy: A Case Report." PM R. 2016; 8(9S): S288.

Philip, A; Modzelewska, M. "Individualizing radiofrequency ablation in two patients with Bertolotti's syndrome for Annals of clinical case reports pain management, Remedy publications". Annals of clinical case reports. 2016; .

Thakur, R; Philip, A. "Post herpetic neuralgia". Journal of Palliative Care. 2011; 14(6): 765-773.

Thakur, R.; Philip A.; Weeks, Jonathan:. "Post Herpetic Neuralgia in Practical Guide to Chronic Pain Syndromes GW Jay ed". Informa Health Care. 2010; : 30-49.