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Olga I. Astapova, M.D., Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Astapova O, Seger C, Hammes SR. "Ligand Binding Prolongs Androgen Receptor Protein Half-Life by Reducing its Degradation." Journal of the Endocrine Society.. 2021 May 1; 5(5):bvab035. Epub 2021 Mar 05.

Astapova O, Minor BMN, Hammes SR. "Physiological and Pathological Androgen Actions in the Ovary." Endocrinology.. 2019 May 1; 160(5):1166-1174.

Astapova O, Biswas A, DiMauro A, Moalem J, Hammes SR. "Bilateral Pheochromocytomas in a Patient with Y175C Von Hippel-Lindau Mutation." Case reports in endocrinology.. 2018 2018:8967159. Epub 2018 Jul 10.

Beckett EM, Astapova O, Steckler TL, Veiga-Lopez A, Padmanabhan V. "Developmental programing: impact of testosterone on placental differentiation." Reproduction : the official journal of the Society for the Study of Fertility.. 2014 Aug 0; 148(2):199-209. Epub 2014 May 19.

Astapova, O.; Leff, T.;. "PPARgamma mutations, lipodystrophy and diabetes". 2014; 20(2): 63-70.

Campeau PM, Astapova O, Martins R, Bergeron J, Couture P, Hegele RA, Leff T, Gagné C. "Clinical and molecular characterization of a severe form of partial lipodystrophy expanding the phenotype of PPAR? deficiency." Journal of lipid research.. 2012 Sep 0; 53(9):1968-78. Epub 2012 Jul 02.

Astapova O, Leff T. "Adiponectin and PPAR?: cooperative and interdependent actions of two key regulators of metabolism." Vitamins and hormones.. 2012 90:143-62.

Veiga-Lopez A, Astapova OI, Aizenberg EF, Lee JS, Padmanabhan V. "Developmental programming: contribution of prenatal androgen and estrogen to estradiol feedback systems and periovulatory hormonal dynamics in sheep." Biology of reproduction.. 2009 Apr 0; 80(4):718-25. Epub 2009 Jan 02.

Savabieasfahani M, Kannan K, Astapova O, Evans NP, Padmanabhan V. "Developmental programming: differential effects of prenatal exposure to bisphenol-A or methoxychlor on reproductive function." Endocrinology.. 2006 Dec 0; 147(12):5956-66. Epub 2006 Aug 31.