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Benjamin Korman, M.D.

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Appointment: (585) 486-0901

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Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology


Dr. Korman's clinical interest is in the diagnosis and management of patients with scleroderma and other related autoimmune connective tissue diseases. He works to provide interdisciplinary care for patients including addressing problems with skin (fibrosis and thickening), blood vessels (Raynaud's phenomenon), gastrointestinal issues (acid reflux, GI motility problems), lung disease (interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension), heart, and kidney problems. He is interested in providing individualized care and is well versed in cutting-edge immunotherapeutics as well symptom-relieving modalities.

Dr. Korman's research program focuses on understanding the cells and processes which cause scarring (fibrosis) in scleroderma. He uses both experimental models of disease and patient samples to better understand the relationship between adipose (fat) cells, blood vessels and scar-forming cells (fibroblasts). The ultimate goal of this work is to better understand why patients have different disease manifestations and to provide personalized treatment approaches.

Professional Background

Dr Benjamin Korman, M.D. is a rheumatologist and physician-scientist with a clinical and research interest in scleroderma (systemic sclerosis, SSc). Dr Korman did his undergraduate and medical training at The Ohio State University, followed by research time at the National Institutes for Health, and internal medicine residency and rheumatology fellowship training at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. He spent two years on the faculty at Northwestern before coming to the University of Rochester where he now serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology.



  • Internal Medicine - American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Rheumatology - American Board of Internal Medicine


MD | Ohio State University College of Medicine

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

07/01/2012 - 06/30/2014
Fellowship in Rheumatology at McGaw Medical Center

06/24/2010 - 06/29/2012
Residency in Internal Medicine at McGaw Medical Center

06/23/2009 - 06/23/2010
Internship in Internal Medicine at McGaw Medical Center

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