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Pulmonary Hypertension and Vascular Function

Scientists at the University of Rochester are studying a number of important topics with respect to the pulmonary vascular wall in health and disease. Dr. Arshad Rahman is interested in the effect of thrombin in the recruitment of inflammatory cells to the pulmonary vasculature as clearly occurs with acute lung injury and probably also occurs in pulmonary hypertension. Dr. Rahman also studies the effect of thrombin and subsequent intracellular signaling on vascular permeability. Dr. Jim White's major focus is to study rats with severe pulmonary hypertension utilizing exercise tests, right heart catheterization, and angiography; his lab is testing small molecules that might be useful as new treatments for this devastating disease. Dr. White also studies the effects of thrombin on pulmonary endothelial cells with a focus on migration and angiogenesis.