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Library Resources

  • Combs CA (2010). Fluorescence Microscopy: A Concise Guide to current Imaging Methods. Current Protocols in Neuroscience 2.1.1-2.1.14.
  • Pearson H (2007). The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Nature 447:138-140
  • Confocal Listserv, archives
  • Immunocytochemistry: A Practical Guide for Biomedical Research. The book explains the steps in the procedure and then gives ways to select a method, decide on a labelling system and evaluate the antibodies for an experiment. Print copy available through
  • Current Protocols Select: Imaging and Microscopy. Methods and Applications in Microscopy and Imaging. Edited by Simon Watkins and Claudette St. Croix.  (I don’t know about linking to Amazon but not sure how best to reference this text, with its ISBN or?)

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