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For Researchers

For ResearchersAt URMC, scientists have access to the latest research tools and technologies, a wide range of support services, and experienced faculty and staff to provide guidance and mentorship.

Our newest shared resources include IBM's next generation supercomputer – the Blue Gene/Q – one of the most powerful and efficient computer systems in the world. The University was one of the first academic institutions in the nation to receive the supercomputer, which allows scientists to sift through mountains of data and create complex models. Scientists can also take advantage of the newly designed Upstate Stem Cell cGMP Facility at URMC that enables researchers to create, study, and ultimately use stem cells and their offspring in early-phase experimental human therapies.

The University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute also offers a wealth of resources. From monthly research consultation clinics to data management training and support, scientists are anything but on their own in navigating the often complex world of academic research.

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