Participant Payments

Some studies offer participants payment or reimbursement for their involvement in the study and to cover the cost of transportation or other out-of-pocket expenses. The University of Rochester is currently switching to a new system of payment for clinical research participants, called Participant Payments. Not all studies are using this system, so check with your research coordinator to see if the information below is relevant for you.

About the Participant Payments System

Get paid faster: Through our old payment systems, it would often take about one month for clinical research participants to receive a payment for a study visit. With Participant Payments, you will leave your study visit with payment in hand.

You choose: Participant Payments allows you to choose how you receive your payment(s). Choose from reloadable debit card, direct bank deposit, or check.

You’re in control: No need to wonder if your direct deposit went through or if your debit card was properly loaded. Participant Payments offers a user-friendly web portal and mobile app where you can view your payments and manage your account.

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