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The Genomics Research Center has liquid handlers that increase our throughput and provide our customers with consistent, reliable results. 

Sciclone G3 NGSx InstrumentPerkin Elmer Sciclone G3 NGSx 

Current Protocols: 
- TruSeq Stranded mRNA
- TruSeq Stranded Total
- Nextera XT
- Nextera Flex
- Bead Purifications


Eppendorf epMotion 5075 InstrumentEppendorf epMotion 5075

Current Protocols:

- General Liquid Handling (aliquoting, library normalization, etc.)




OT-2 Automation Instrument from OpentronsOT-2 Instrument from Opentrons

The GRC has three OT-2 instruments for general liquid handling processing.








QIAcube Connect MDx InstrumentQIAcube Connect MDx
The GRC now has a QIAcube Connect MDx instrument for automation of extractions. 









High Throughput Screening:

Visit the High-Throughput Screening page for more information about compounds available. 

Perkin Elmer Janus Instrument                                              Perkin Elmer Zephyr Instrument

Perkin Elmer Janus 8 Tip MPD - Expanded (AJL8M01)                 Perkin Elmer Zephyr