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High-Throughput Content Screening

University of Rochester uses high-throughput screening to investigate salinomycin impact on myofribroblast activation

Prevention of Fibrosis and Pathological Cardiac Remodeling by Salinomycin paper published by the University of Rochester
Click here for access to the publication. 

Available Libraries:

The Spectrum Collection:

This collection contains 2560 compounds including all compounds in the US and International Drug collections along with Natural Product and Discover libraries from MicroSource Discovery Systems.

ChemBridge DIVERset:

Custom set of ~20,000 DIVERset compounds from ChemBridge. 

Human Druggable Genome-wide RNAi:

Collections of Ambion Silencer Select siRNAs that target 9031 genes from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Murine Genome-Wide Lentiviral shRNA:

Simple hairpin shRNA libraries developed by the RNAi consortium (TRC).

High-Throughput Screening Equipment:

Perkin Elmer Janus Instrument                        Perkin Elmer Zephyr Instrument

Perkin Elmer Janus Liquid Handler          Perkin Elmer Zephyr Liquid Handler


Perkin Elmer Envision Plate Reader            FlexiDrop Reagent Dispenser
Perkin Elmer Envision Plate Reader        FlexDrop Reagent Dispenser


D300e Digital Dispenser                 Celigo Cytometer

Tecan D300e Digital Dispenser                         Celigo Imaging Cytometer 


MultiDrop Combi Reagent Dispenser

MultiDrop Combi Reagent Dispenser