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Sample Submission Guidelines

PPMS Registration *Required* 

1. To obtain a PPMS ID, please complete the new user registration. If you are already registered with another Shared Resource Laboratory (i.e. Flow core), you are not required to register again.  Use the same PPMS ID to complete your sample submission form.

2. Keep your PI and grant account updated. Use the new user registration to also make any changes.

Sample Submission Forms 

Provide all required information for each submission form and submit a paper copy along with samples as well as email a copy to the GRC URGenomics.

QC Only Submission Form: QC only

Full Service Submission Form:  Full Service

Sequence-Ready (non-GRC prepared) NGS Library Submission Form: User-Prepared Library

IMPORTANT: Tubes must be clearly labeled and clearly match to the submission form.

Restricted characters that can not be uploaded to our LIMS include:  ( )[ ] / \ = + < > : ; " ' , * ^ &% . ? # No Spaces.

Acceptable substitutes include underscore (_) and dash (-).

Samples will be placed on hold if the form is not completed correctly or does not match the tubes.

Sample Drop-off Location

Medical Center Ground Floor, Room G-7814 (near Biological Supply Center)

Map to dropoff

Note: A University badge is required to access drop-off room. All samples must be in a Ziploc bag (secondary container).

Sample Pick-up Times

Medical Center Pick-up : Between 8am-9am, Monday - Friday

Your samples will be picked up at the drop-off location at the specified times. They will be safely delivered via courier to GRC staff for processing.

4°C Refrigerator -80°C Freezer
DNA Samples All RNA and frozen DNA
cDNA Samples for qPCR Tissues/Cells for RNA Extraction
Real Time PCR Plates All NGS Libraries
  Frozen cDNA Samples For qPCR


**All samples will be stored at the GRC for 2 weeks after project completion.  Please indicate on the submission sheet if you wish to have your samples returned to you or discarded.**

Sample Requirements

Legacy Request Forms

Real-time PCR Pre-loaded Plate Submission (ready to run): Real Time PCR Submission Form