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RNA/DNA Extractions

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RNA and DNA Extractions

We have several kit options for extraction of RNA and/or DNA from cells, tissues, FFPE, and serum/plasma.

Extraction Type Input Kit Options
Total RNA Cells

Qiagen RNeasy Plus* (Mini & Micro)**
Qiagen PAXgene
Thermo Fisher Tempus Spin
Zymo Direct-zol (Mini & Micro)
MagMAX bead-based methods

Total & microRNA Cells
Qiagen miRNeasy (Mini & FFPE)
ThermoFisher mirVana miRNA Isolation Kit
DNA Cells
Qiagen DNeasy Blood and Tissue
DNA & RNA Cells

Qiagen AllPrep DNA/RNA (Mini & Micro)*
Qiagen All Prep DNA/RNA/miRNA Universal (includes microRNA)

MagMAX bead-based extractions

*RNeasy PLUS kits are highly suggested due to the inclusion of gDNA removal columns
**Kit selection dependent on input

The GRC also offers several other extraction kits. Please contact us if you would like to discuss other alternatives or extraction sample types. 

DNase Treatment

If you are unable to use the RNeasy Plus kit with the gDNA eliminator column, we recommended doing a DNase treatment. At the GRC, we use the TURBO DNA-free kit to completely digest DNA in RNA samples with subsequent DNase enzyme removal. Below is a sample with gDNA contamination (increase in region between ribosomal peaks) prior to treatment and post DNase treatment.


Genomics Research Center Guidelines and Recommendations for submitting samples for extraction:

1. The GRC prefers the use of RLT Plus with the RNeasy Plus kits as this includes a gDNA eliminator column. The GRC is able to provide researchers who will submit samples for extraction with RLT Plus (1 mL RLT Plus and 10uL BME). 
2. For sorted cells, do not exceed 1/3 volume of RLT Plus (100 uL cells per 350 uL RLT Plus). Vortex well before storing at -80C. 
3. Please avoid resuspending in 15mL conicals. 
4. If submitting cells, please indicate cell number on the submission sheet. If submitting tissue, please indicate tissue weight on the submission sheet. These factors will influence the kit that is used for extraction. 
5. Please contact the GRC for more information about sample guidelines

Introducing the QIAcube Connect MDx!

QIAcube Connect MDx InstrumentThe GRC now has the QIAcube Connect MDx for automation of extractions.

Visit the Qiagen webpage for more information about the capabilities of the system.