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Real-Time PCR

QuantApplied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System

- Absolute Quantification
- Relative Gene Expression
- Allelic Discrimination for SNP Genotyping
- Digital PCR

Available Formats:
- 96-well
- 384-well
- ABI Taqman Low Density Array (Microfluidic Card)

TaqMan and SYBR Green Technology
Target specific fluorogenic probes

SYBER Green I:
Non-Specific double-stranded DNA binding dye

Click here to access the Real-Time PCR Learning Center


  • Set up of real time PCR reactions (includes "no-RT" Control) using ABI Taqman or SYBR Green Master Mix
  • Set up of Open Array using the AccuFill Station 
  • Run assay on QuantStudio 12K Flex System
  • Training for Use by the user

Optional Sample Preparation Services:

  • RNA Extractions (Includes Bioanalyzer Analysis)
  • Bioanalyzer analysis of customer prepared RNA
  • cDNA Synthesis (requires previous Bioanalyzer RNA analysis)
  • RNA Amplification (NuGEN Ovation RNA Amplification)
  • Real-time PCR assay optimization and validation



A PPMS ID is required by users submitting samples or for booking user access instruments. If you do not have a PPMS ID, please click here. You cannot use the PPMS ID of another user or PI. 

You must reserve your time at least 24 hours in advance. An approved plate for use on the instrument must be used. Additional fees may apply if: 1) You do not cancel within 12 hours before your time; 2) Your plate does not finish within the reserved time. *After hours access is at the discretion of the GRC. Email us with any questions.