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Illumina Sequencing Line-Up with NovaSeq X

Illumina Sequencers

Explore the Illumina Sequencers we have at the University of Rochester. 



We have several automation instruments that allow for high-throughput processing of samples. 

Strong Memorial Hospital

Other Instrumentation

We also have several other pieces of instrumentation. Some are available for use by researchers at the University. 

Announcement regarding new NextSeq 2000, NovaSeq 6000, and NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing Instrumentation:

The NextSeq 2000, NovaSeq 6000, and NovaSeq X Plus utilize patterned flow cells. With this flow cell type, there is an increased chance of index hopping. Index hopping is the misassignment of sequencing reads to the wrong index. Index hopping can be corrected by eliminating free adapters and using unique dual indexes. 
Unique Dual Indexes (UDI) make sure libraries sequence and demultiplex with high accuracy. With this strategy, each sample contains unique sequences for each of the i5 and i7 index reads. This allows for filtering of index-hopped reads as the misassigned reads will be flagged as "undetermined reads" and can be excluded from analysis. 

The NextSeq 550, which does not utilize the patterned flow cell type, was used for samples that did not incorporate the UDI strategy (i.e. single index or combinatorial dual). We will no longer be using this sequencer starting January 1, 2024. If your lab needs assistance with modification of lab protocols to incorporate UDIs, please contact us for assistance. For more information about the different sequencer options and how they compare, visit the Illumina Sequencer link above.