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User Access Instruments:

User Access Instruments within the GRC are open for public use.
Please complete the following steps for access:
1. If you do not have a PPMS ID, click here to sign up. 
2. Contact us to schedule a brief training on the instrument
3. Sign in to PPMS and locate schedule for desired instrument
4. Sign up for time slot

You must reserve your time at least 24 hours in advance. An approved plate for use on the instrument must be used. Additional fees may apply if: 1) You do not cancel within 12 hours before your time; 2) Your plate does not finish within the reserved time. *After hours access is at the discretion of the GRC. Email us with any questions.


Quant12K Flex Instrument ImageApplied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System

All in one qPCR system with increased flexibility. 

Visit our Real-Time PCR Services Page for more detailed information about the system






  • Absolute Quantification
  • Relative Gene Expression
  • Allelic Discrimination for SNP Genotyping
  • Digital PCR


Covaris E220 Sonication Instrument ImageCovaris E220 Sonication System

Uses Adaptive Focused Acoustics that can be pre-programmed for 1 to 96 samples. 
Volumes from 50 ul to 10 ml


  • DNA and chromatin shearing
  • Tissue Homogenization
  • Cell Lysis

Click here for more information about the Covaris System

Other Instruments (Not User Access):

Sage Science PippinHT Instrument ImageSage Science Pippin HT DNA Size Fractionation System

Size select up to 24 samples per run
Available Gels:
Pippin HT Gels

Sage Science Pippin Prep Instrument ImageSage Science Pippin Prep DNA Size Fractionation System

Size select up to 5 samples per run. 
Available Gels:

Click here for more information about the Sage Science Pippin Products

QX100 Droplet Digital Instrument ImageQX100 Droplet Digital PCR System

Partition cDNA or RNA transcripts into nanoliter sized droplets for absolute quantifcation of target DNA. 
- Copy number variation (CNV)
- Rare Sequence and Mutation Detection

*BioRad no longer supports this instrument. Users are able to use the instrument "as-is" with no guarantee of success. Users should also supply their own reagents as we no longer keep the necessary reagents in stock. The GRC can provide users with a user manual but we are unable to provide training. 

Click here for more information about the QX100 System

Thermocycler C1000 (4 side by side) 
BioRad C1000 Thermocyclers




ThermoCycler T100 (2 Side-by-side)BioRad T100 Thermocyclers







ABI 9700 ThermalCyclers (x2)ABI 9700 PCR Machines