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Community Resources

Being a senior in today's often confusing and communication-rich world can be stressful. You may want help with a simple problem, but don't want to spend the afternoon on the phone trying to get it. The resources listed on this page should help you get the information you want quickly and easily.

Resources to Help You Get A Patient Review Instrument (PRI) Screen and Answer Medicaid Questions

  • By law, anyone seeking admission to a nursing home must be given a medical evaluation, called a Patient Review Instrument (PRI) Screen. Hospital and nursing home social workers can help you arrange for a PRI. Eldersouce at 585-325-2800 or the Monroe County Office of Aging at (585) 274-8181 will also help schedule one. The PRI is valid for 30 days.
  • If a senior's income is too low or their health costs are too high to pay for nursing home care, Medicaid may cover the costs. Four agencies that offer Medicaid consultation are:
    • The Family Service of Rochester at (585) 232-1840
    • Monroe County Legal Assistance Corporation at (585) 325-2520
    • Lifespan at (585) 244-8400
    • Eldergard at (585) 256-3510

Additional Resources

  • Oasis
    Membership in this national group, 6,000 strong in Rochester alone, is free and open to anyone age 50 or older. Programs make learning a lifelong adventure. Call Oasis at (314) 862-2933 and/or visit their web site.
  • Lifespan
    For more than 30 years, Lifespan has enriched senior life in the Rochester community. Lifespan can be reached at (585) 244-8400 or at their web site.
  • Eldersource
    This group is dedicated to improving case management for seniors and is staffed by social workers experienced in geriatrics. Eldersouce can be reached at (585) 325-2800 or at their web site.

Support Groups