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Lower backThe Spine Outcomes Alliance of Rochester brings together spine care providers and other stakeholders with a shared commitment to improving the continuum of spine care within our community. The SOAR recognizes that the expansion of spine related clinical services and expense has not been matched by equivalent efforts to measure improvements in the health and satisfaction of patients afflicted with these disorders.

As a consequence, providers must now focus on the quality and cost of the health care they provide and the impact (or lack thereof) of care on the health of our patients.

Our ambition is to:

  • better understand how care is currently delivered in our community
  • develop a clinically appropriate and cost effective model of care for patients with spinal disorders and associated pain conditions.

We will accomplish this through:

Each member of the Spine Outcomes Alliance of Rochester will contribute to the evolution of our existing model of non-surgical and surgical treatments of spine related disorders. We believe that by leveraging our aggregate insights, talents and contributions, that Rochester can lead in this important sector of health care and that our community and our patients will be the beneficiaries.