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UR Medicine Comprehensive Stroke Center

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What is Stroke/TIA?

A stroke (otherwise known as a brain attack) occurs when brain cells die due to disruption of blood flow to the brain. Stroke can be caused by either a blocked blood vessel (ischemic stroke) or a leaky blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke) in the brain.

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Rapid Access TIA Clinic

Our goal at UR Medicine’s Rapid Access TIA clinic and Neurovascular Laboratory is to swiftly address these events, while providing patients with a positive outpatient experience without the need for an Emergency visit or overnight stay. 


TIA Clinic Information

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Our Team

Our stroke team is comprised of fellowship-trained vascular neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and neurocritical care specialists. They have successfully treated the most challenging diseases, and achieved the best outcomes in the most critically ill patients, while providing continuing outpatient preventative stroke care.

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Mobile Stroke Unit

UR Medicine, in partnership with American Medical Response, has launched Upstate and Central New York's FIRST Mobile Stroke Unit - the 13th in the nation. The unit will help us provide specialized, life-saving care to stroke victims before they even get to the hospital.

When you think it's a stroke:


Remember FAST

Face: Is one side drooping?
Arms: Is one arm hard to lift?
Speech: Is speech slurred or confused?
Time: Quick action saves brain cells.


Call 911

If you think it’s a stroke—or even if you’re not sure—call 9-1-1. Don’t go back to bed. Don’t wait. Call immediately.


Trust Your EMT

Depending on where you live and the severity of your symptoms, your EMT may recommend that you go to a nearby hospital or that you be taken directly to Strong Memorial Hospital.

A multidisciplinary team providing the most advanced stroke care.

A state-of-the-art Endovascular Stroke suite & our multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, neurologists & neurointensivists provide the most advanced care in the region.

Meet our team

Tarun Bhalla, MD, PhD

Tarun Bhalla, MD, PhD

Debra Roberts, MD, PhD

Debra Roberts, MD, PhD

Curtis Benesch, MD, MPH

Curtis Benesch, MD, MPH


Remember that Strong is the region's only Comprehensive Stroke Center.

You live in an area where the most advanced stroke care is close by. Strong offers advanced stroke treatments that are not available at most hospitals. By working closely with our affiliated hospitals, we ensure that patients get the stroke care they need in the shortest possible time.