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Preparing for Discharge from Strong MemorialAs your hospital discharge date approaches, we want you to feel prepared and empowered with the information and resources you need to ensure a smooth continuation of your care and recovery. Your health care team will work closely with you to make this possible. We will start planning for your discharge at admission. Throughout your stay various members of your health care team will speak with you to discuss your discharge instructions.

There can be many details to remember when you are preparing for discharge. While your health care team will take time to carefully review your treatment plan, medications and supplies, it is helpful to have a checklist of reminders as you anticipate your discharge and what it involves. You may find it helpful to have your support person(s) print this checklist out for you and bring it to you while you‘re in the hospital.

Discharge Planning Checklist

If you answer NO to any of the following questions, please ask your nurse or another member of your health care team for information. Remember, they want you to feel comfortable and prepared for your transition home.

  • Do you know the date and time you’re going home?
  • Do you know who will pick you up from the hospital?
    • Please discuss with your nurse the time that your support person(s) should arrive at the hospital to participate in your discharge review.
  • Do you have clothing with you or being brought to you that is appropriate to wear when you’re discharged?
  • Have you retrieved any belongings or valuables that were secured in the Cashier’s Office?
  • Does your support person(s) know where the discharge area is located?
    • As we continue to grow and expand our services for patients there may be periods of construction in or around Strong Memorial Hospital. You will be provided maps, directions and information.
  • Do you have your discharge prescriptions?
    • We have an Outpatient Pharmacy that can fill your prescriptions and deliver them to you before you leave the hospital. They accept cash, checks or credit cards for your co-pay. Please have your insurance/prescription card available.
  • Have you identified support person(s) to assist you at home?
  • Has your health care team talked to you about your diet, medications and activity?
  • Have you made your follow-up appointment with your physician?

Helpful Reminders for a Smooth Discharge

On the day of your discharge your nurse will make arrangements for a wheelchair to transport you to the Patient Discharge office. Your support person(s) will pick you up at the discharge area.

After Visit Summary

When you are ready to be discharged from Strong, you will receive discharge paperwork commonly known as your After-Visit Summary, or AVS. Your AVS summarizes your condition, medications, follow-up appointment and any other information your health care team wants you to have for your transition out of the hospital. An important part of this process includes having your follow-up appointment arranged before you are discharged from the hospital. Whether you are going home, to a rehabilitation facility or an extended care facility - we strive to ensure a smooth transition of care between the hospital and your destination. If you are transitioning to a different level of care other than your home, you can be assured your AVS and all other pertinent information will be discussed with the team at that facility.

For your convenience, an electronic version of your AVS will be made available in your MyChart account. MyChart is the University of Rochester Medical Center online patient portal that lets you go online to securely view portions of your electronic health record. If you are not signed up for MyChart you can do so through your primary care physician’s office. Your first follow-up appointment may be a good time to discuss MyChart with your physician.

If, for any reason, you are concerned about leaving the hospital and your transition home, please bring it to the attention of your health care team. Ask your nurse for information on how to appeal the decision to discharge.

Community Home Care Services

Our concern for your health care continues after your discharge. We understand that returning home or to another familiar environment often provides an immediate source of comfort and healing and we want you to benefit from this. Learn more about our community home care partners.