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Cancer Center

4-1200 Palliative Care/General Medicine

12 private rooms

The patient population on this unit consists of palliative care, comfort care, and hospice patients. The unit also cares for general medicine patients and overflow oncology and BMT patients. One-year recent acute med/surg experience preferred. Flexibility, enthusiastic and willing to care for a varied patient population in a changing environment a must! Good, effective communication skills coupled with good critical thinking skills.

WCC-5 Surgical Oncology/Urology


This unit specializes in the immediate post-operative care of patients who have had cancer surgery. The population consists of patients with gastrointestinal and genitourinary cancers, including pancreatic, bladder, colon, rectal, prostate and renal cancers. They have a dedicated room for thyroid cancer patients receiving radioactive I-131 treatment. This unit also cares for patients in Hospice. Flexibility, a strong belief in teamwork, a positive attitude, and a willingness to care for a varied patient population in a changing environment a must!

WCC-6 Blood and Marrow Transplant

11 beds and 4-6 outpatient treatment chairs

This unit cares for adult and pediatric patients undergoing stem cell transplants, for a variety of Oncologic, immunologic and hematology conditions. They also provide adult ICU care. The unit is the second largest provider of stem cell transplants in New York State, performing over 120 annually. Experience the rewards of extensive patient and family teaching opportunities. One-year acute care experience in medicine, pediatrics, or oncology preferred.

WCC-7 Adult Medical Oncology/Hematology


Exciting opportunity for an individual who is interested in working with oncology patients from initial diagnosis to end of life issues. Demonstrates ability to prioritize and problem solve in a fast paced, high acuity environment. This unit cares for patients with various cancer diagnoses, such as solid tumor cancers: colon, breast, liver, lung and sarcoma. The unit also cares for patients with leukemia, lymphoma and other malignant blood disorders. Nursing care is very specialized and involves chemotherapy administration, intensive patient education and patient/family centered support.

Outpatient Cancer Center

In our new state of the art cancer center, we provide comprehensive nursing care to adult patients with a variety of complex cancer related diagnoses. Nurses in the Multidisciplinary/Hem Onc clinics and Infusion Center have opportunities to specialize in a variety of roles. Some examples are, care coordination, working with providers in clinics, administering chemotherapy and other treatments, and telephone triage. In addition to our many roles, most of us specialize in either solid tumor or hematological diagnoses. Approximately, 130 – 160 patients visit our out patient center on a daily basis, which makes it a very fast paced, dynamic environment. In Radiation Oncology, nurses provide care to patients receiving radiation therapy. In our Comprehensive Breast Care Center, nurses work with patients with known or suspected breast malignancies from diagnosis through treatment and follow up. Responsibilities include: care coordination, chemotherapy and infusion administration, telephone management, and patient education. They work in a fast paced multidisciplinary environment and have special expertise in managing symptoms and patient education.