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Ob Gyn

3-1200 High Risk Antepartum/Postpartum Unit

20 beds

Providing exceptional health care to women across the lifespan is the focus of this high-risk antepartum/postpartum and GYN unit. Nurses specialize in the care of antepartum and postpartum patients whose pregnancies have been complicated by medical and/or obstetrical issues. In addition, the staff cares for GYN patients admitted for medical and surgical management. This diverse patient population provides nurses with a unique and challenging OB/GYN environment in which to practice. The complex needs of our patients are met in a family centered approach through the collaboration of a skilled interdisciplinary team.

3-1400 High Risk Labor and Delivery Unit

7 labor beds, 4 triage beds, 2 operating rooms, 2 post anesthesia care beds

As an academic medical center, the Labor and Delivery unit is one of the premiere tertiary care centers for obstetric patients and their families. The nurses work at the forefront of obstetrics, providing the best and most advanced care available. Staff on this unit care for obstetrically and medically complicated antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum patients from 16 weeks to full term. This unit is a fast paced and challenging environment that will bring all the rewards of making a difference in a family’s life.

3-1600/3-3600 Birth Center

Two- 13 bed units

The Strong Beginnings Birth Center was one of the first in-hospital birth centers in New York State. Family-centered care has been its hallmark, and is at the core of this unit’s mission. The birth center consists of two – 13 bed units. The staff on these OB units specializes in the care of low-moderate risk intrapartum and post partum women, their newborns, and families in a collaborative and family centered environment. Patients who have had GYN surgery may also be admitted to this unit. The nurses work side-by-side with top obstetricians and pediatricians in an interdisciplinary team.