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7 North - Pediatric Oncology Unit

12 beds

This unit cares for pediatric oncology-hematology and ENT patients. Our nurses must attain & maintain additional competencies/certifications required to administer chemotherapy/biotherapy and deliver the specialized care required for children with cancer and hematological disorders.  7 North nurses are an integral part of the patient care team; a team that is interdisciplinary, collaborative and patient/family centric.

7 South - Pediatric General Care Unit

14 beds

This unit primarily cares for patients (infant to young adult) with GI, renal, and surgical issues.  Other patients may include those with general pediatric disease processes such as pneumonia, asthma, bronchiolitis, dehydration, failure to thrive, and child abuse.  Nurses have acquired additional competencies to care for these children. 7 South uses a patient and family centered approach by including members of the interdisciplinary team for patient care; social work, nutrition, child life, OT/PT, speech therapy, home care coordinators, pediatric psych, and physicians.

8 North - Pediatric General Care Unit

12 beds

This unit cares for children of all ages who experience respiratory illnesses, cystic fibrosis, neurologic disorders, burns, and plastic surgery. Additional patients include those requiring telemetry, and children with other general medical concerns including developmental disabilities. There is a strong emphasis on a family centered approach and interdisciplinary care. The nurses have acquired additional competencies to care for the variety of patients seen on the unit.

8 South - Pediatric Adolescent Unit

14 beds

This unit serves children from birth to 19 years, and specializes in several areas including orthopedics, orthopedic trauma, adolescent medicine, and endocrinology.  We are very proud to work with some of the best pediatric orthopedic doctors who perform spinal, hip, and knee surgeries for children.  Our Adolescent Medicine group is well known for the care they provide to our patients with eating disorders. 

The nursing staff has developed diverse competencies and uses a strong multidisciplinary team approach in caring for our patients. Our goal is to provide the best family centered care possible ensuring safe optimal outcomes to best prepare you for discharge home.

Gosnell Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

68 beds

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is the only one of its kind in the Finger Lakes Region. The single family room NICU is a combination of the Wegman’s Nursery in the Golisano Children’s Hospital as well as the SMH Nursery in the Strong Memorial Hospital. It is a nationally recognized Level IV center providing the highest quality care available for sick and/or premature infants. The NICU specializes in advanced treatment for respiratory failure, heart disease, and infant sepsis. Annually, the NICU provides family centered care to more than 1200 newborns by focusing on collaboration between our multi-disciplinary professional teams.

Newborn Nursery/Special Care Nursery, 3-2300

16 beds

The Newborn Nursery at Strong Memorial Hospital provides care to newborns, as well as stable premature neonates. Specialized infant care is delivered to a variety of newborn patients in their transition to home, and a multi-disciplinary approach individualizes a plan that focuses on supporting the family dynamic.  Coordinating our newborn nursery with our special care nursery provides a unique advantage to those patients requiring specialized infant care.

4-1600 Short Stay Unit

6 beds

The Short Stay Unit cares for patients from birth to 19 years, with limited severity illnesses requiring care anticipated to last less than 72 hours. Patients may require cardiopulmonary monitoring, oximetry, or minimal respiratory support. Examples of patients seen on this unit might include, but are not limited to those with asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, allergic reaction, and febrile seizures.

Pediatric Emergency Department (Peds ED)

19 beds

The Peds ED offers family centered care to patients under the age of 19, seeking care for urgent and emergent issues. The unit is comprised of 18 general care beds and 1 critical care bed. We are the regional referral center for pediatric trauma. The tertiary care offered at Golisano Children’s Hospital has a diverse and complex case mix. From treat and release to acute critical care/trauma, our staff are trained to function in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) 4-1800

12 beds

The PICU cares for pediatric patients requiring advanced critical care with a wide variety of medical and surgical diagnoses.  The unit is the regional trauma center for pediatric patients and is also the only nationally verified burn center for pediatrics in the Western NY area.

Pediatric Cardiac Care Center (PCC) 4-2800

10 beds

The PCCC provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnosis, medical/surgical treatment, and long-term follow-up care for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with all types of acquired and congenital cardiac conditions.  The nursing staff is specially trained to take care of patients with the most complex and/or rare congenital cardiac disorders. The PCCC is the only pediatric cardiac care center in Western NY, and will be expanding to 16 beds in 2017.

Pediatric Surgical Suite

14 beds

The PSS cares for a variety of surgical patients, both inpatient and outpatient, ranging in age from neonate to adolescent. We provide pre-operative and post-operative care in a fast paced environment where no two patients are alike. The Pediatric Surgical Suite will move to the new children’s tower in 2017. We will expand to 18 beds in order to support 6 new dedicated pediatric operating rooms.

Pediatric Imaging

Pediatric Imaging cares for children that require diagnostic studies such as x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT's, MRI's, and PET/MRI's. We have the country’s first integrated PET/MRI scanner within a clinical setting. Patients may come from the emergency department, inpatient units, or as outpatients.

There are 8 rooms in the prep/recovery area and a procedure room where a variety of sedated procedures can be done. Our nurses are specially trained in anesthesia recovery, radiation, radiopharmaceutical, and MRI safety. Interdisciplinary teamwork is relied on in order to decrease the sedation needs of our patients, and our goal is to provide safe, expert care in a non-threatening environment.