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URMC / Strong Nursing / Clinical Nursing Research Center

Clinical Nursing Research Center (CNRC)

Nursing Practice at Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH) is committed to the professional development and education of its staff and students and the delivery of high quality care to patients and families. One important way we achieve this is through nursing research on clinical outcomes, effective decision-making and the use of evidence in practice.

At any given time, the SMH Clinical Research Nursing Center has studies underway that focus on both the care we deliver and the environmnet where our nurse work. All nurses, from administrators to nurses at the bedside, can contribute to the development of our practice-related body of knowledge.

The CNRC is available to all Nursing Practice employees of SMH. They serve as principal and co-investigators, data collectors, and facilitators of the research of others. They actively promote the use of research and other sources of evidence in clinical and administrative decision-making.

Our portfolio of active research is growing.

In the past decade, we have increased the number of SMH nurse-directed research projects from 13 to over 100, with staff nurses involved in most of them.

We focus on a balanced mix of key issues, including acute care nursing, symptom and outcomes management, health promotion, leadership/management, and behavioral change. Nurse-directed investigations are theory-derived, data-based studies in inpatient, outpatient and community settings. Study populations include adults and elders, infants and children, women, health care providers, and families of hospitalized or ambulatory patients. Our emphasis is improving quality of care.

Our centralized structure is a resource-efficient method for conducting clinical research.

The CNRC is Nursing Practice’s central resource for nursing research. It also serves as our link to the many resources available through the University of Rochester and University of Rochester Medical Center. We’re conveniently located on the first floor of the hospital, although Center staff travel throughout the hospital to meet with nurses and others interested in conducting research or using evidence.

The Clinical Nursing Research Center provides resources to support nursing research projects at Strong Memorial Hospital.

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  • Research design and data analysis planning
  • Research, program, or other grant proposal development
  • Sample size determination
  • Instrument development and critique
  • Variable creation; psychometric evaluation
  • Data entry and analysis assistance
  • Computer searches for possible funding sources
  • Computer searches for evidence to support clinical decision-making and practice standards
  • Budget preparation
  • Research Subjects Review Board (RSRB) application

We help nurses develop a passion for research.

The CNRC oversees Nursing Practice’s Research Internship, a highly successful 9 month internship for nurses interested in learning more about research and the use of evidence to guide decision-making. Interns attend educational sessions two days each month and complete an evidence-based project of relevance to the hospital or patients.

Dissemination activities by our nurses.

Nurses at SMH are actively engaged in the dissemination of evidence-based information and reports of innovative practices. Their work is regularly presented in peer reviewed journals and at local, regional and national or international conferences.