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Bariatric and GI Surgery Division


The most important factor in choosing where to have bariatric surgery is the experience of both the surgeon and hospital. At Highland Hospital, we perform 10-14 bariatric surgeries per week—most are O'Malleylaparoscopic gastric bypass procedures. This makes us one of the busiest programs in the state. We regularly see patients from well beyond the Rochester area including, Syracuse, Buffalo, the Southern Tier, Pennsylvania and Canada. Our experience with over 2,700 operations allows patients to be assured that the professionals caring for them at Highland Hospital are very familiar with their needs—from the operating room to the inpatient units. Once you've made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery, we make a commitment to you. To help you improve your life.

You Can't Do It Alone, and Neither Can We

That's why we make an investment in each patient. Over the course of several months, we will get to know you—and you us—through personal meetings and consultations. Pre-operation routines make you more at ease with the process. Post-surgery visits provide emotional strength and support. It's not a quick-fix. It won't happen overnight. It's a lifelong endeavor. And it may change your life, forever. We look forward to accompanying and long into the future.

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