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What is Live Donor Transplantation?

In live donor transplantation, a family member or close friend of the patient volunteers to donate their organ. The donor must be very healthy, as well as a good biological match for the recipient. Our transplant team evaluates the donor to ensure that they are eligible to donate their organ to their loved one.

In live donor kidney transplants, the surgeon removes the healthy kidney from the donor and places it in the recipient’s body. Because a person only needs one healthy kidney to live, they can donate their whole kidney to the sick patient who has no working kidneys.

In live donor liver transplants, the surgeon removes a portion of the donor’s liver. The surgeon removes the sick patient’s liver and replaces it with the healthy liver. The donor’s liver eventually regenerates and grows back to its full size.

Care for Live Donors

When a person donates their organ to a loved one, they are doing a huge act of kindness. They are giving their family member or friend a second chance at life. However, there are some risks for the donor, including physical and emotional challenges.

At UR Medicine, we have a multidisciplinary team that cares for the recipient of the transplant, as well as the donor and their families.

Our physicians make sure the donor is healthy leading up to the procedure. They then provide follow-up care after the surgery to promote a quick and complete recovery.

Our team also includes a transplant psychiatrist who cares for the mental and emotional health of our patients. Our psychiatrist will work with the donor to make sure they are ready for the donation. He will also continue to work with the donor after the procedure and support them emotionally throughout recovery.

Download the Living Kidney Donor Handbook