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GEVA: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner -- Comments from participants

  • I loved the performance! It was very high quality and entertaining, as well as touching on difficult but important topics.
  • The nuances of racism were explored here, and the play provided insight on "both sides" of the issue. I felt the actress playing housekeeper, for whom the role was written, was truly the crux of the action, and provided the turning point for the play itself. Her actions at first were surprising and confusing, and this is how the play shed light on the reasoning behind the reactions of both the white family and the black family, and the people around them. It was very well written and performed.
  • We were so fortunate to speak with the housekeeper as one of the actors in the discussion. Her comments, and those of the section actress (the most overtly racist and unaware character in the play) enhanced my knowledge on a theater/art level of the play, some of the choices artistically and their personal reasons for acting in this particular piece.
  • I cried heartily during the play. And the thought-provoking nature of the content, as well as the discussion that followed the discussion with students and a colleague were testament to its impact and power. It is useful to keep peeling back layers of the complexity of racism in our country.
  • I feel that when the characters bared their souls it also exposed their deep-seeded prejudice and fear. I think that is something that is valuable for me and others to think about. What are our biases really?
  • Keep them coming! I love the nature of the mixed group of people who attend from many areas of the university.
  • I think the relevance of the work is extremely timely, with lines that could have been written yesterday. There is a line about rich people being in politics that struck a chord for sure.