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URMC / Arts in Mind / History of AIM Events / The Agitators Comments


Geva: The Agitators -- Comments from Participants

  • I really enjoyed seeing this bit of history which I did not know much about before. I also felt that the performance did a good job of explicitly connecting the events in the play to current day.

  • The performance surprised me in that it brought these historic characters to life, and to my life. Somehow they were relatable in a contemporary way, and the struggle became real for me.

  • Both the play and discussion really drove home the inequalities that still exist today. The relationship between Douglas and Anthony was also surprising and powerful.

  • Anthony and Douglas both learned from one another because they were both able to express themselves and disagree sometimes. This is something we lack often in our current discussions.

  • The choices for AIM performances bring up issues that we all should be aware of, and it facilitates open and honest discussion in a forum where it is invited and welcomed. It also gives students and other UR community members a chance to connect, to network; more importantly to engage in the arts.

  • The experience of the actors and research they did to prepare for the play was insightful. I think the atmosphere was comfortable enough to invite all participants to share.