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Examples and Experiments in Concept

  • LogoInformed Consent - GEVA (Winter, 2014): Students in Medical Humanities (Stephanie Brown Clark, Director) attended the play and related teachings/discussions on the necessity and abuse potential of the topic. This was a shining example of the style and influence of such an arts-academics interchange presaging the AIM Project and in the same direction.
  • Dystonia in Musicians - Symposium: Schmitt Program on Integrative Brain Research (March 2014, organized by Jon Mink, Aimee Miller, and Molly Jaynes): an extended set of clinical and scientific presentations and discussions (1 1/2 days), in which music was central to a dysfunctional condition, and augmented by multiple music performances as well as impressions from musicians (including those affected by dystonia).
  • Music Cognition and the Brain - Symposia in several forms; 2 seminars shared with the Schmitt Program on Integrative Brain Research.