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GEVA: Lake Effect -- Comments from participants

  • Loved the dialogue. It made me laugh, made me sad, made me think.
  • The performance was absolutely fantastic. The acting was great, the writing was incredible, and the message was really well-thought out.
  • It's always great to hear what other people took away from the same piece, as well as hear the actors' and actress' perspectives and process.
  • The discussion about the theme of grief and point-of-view made me think about the play more critically, leading me to develop my own interpretation of the play.
  • The discussion was excellent and the actors had very thought provoking things to say. I appreciated how they shared their own family experiences and gave context to some otherwise difficult family dynamics.
  • It was good to hear other people's reactions, which were often different from my own. We had different perspectives to offer based on our experiences with our own families.
  • I like the format for the discussion and think it adds to my intellectual appreciation of the play's subject matter. It was also interesting to hear the actors' thoughts about their characters and the message within the play. Since they know the play inside and out, they have so many examples to draw on, and it painted a very clear picture of their interpretations of the play.