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GEVA: Mother (and Me) -- Comments from participants

The performance was wonderful and one of the more innovative that I have seen at Geva.

Especially good, for the actor was author, and moreover, the play was autobiographic.

Many dimensions of course beyond Alzheimer's/dementia but that clinical piece was very nicely fleshed out.

The performance brought to life what I deal with every day seeing patients with degenerative neurologic diseases in clinic, but added a side to it that I never see…. the depths at which families are torn asunder and also what happens within nursing homes. Really great exposure!

It was important to have the author/actor there for the discussion.

The comments/discussion after the artist left became more in depth and I was pleased with how willing the students were to share their thoughts.

As a gathering of faculty and students who do not necessarily know one another, to come together for discussion and thoughtful provocation through the arts is crucial in today's world.