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GEVA: Red -- Comments from participants

About the Performance:

This performance is very relevant to health care professionals who are interested in how the arts can "enlighten" us about the human condition .

" ... that might be different from "text book" learning. I was very moved by the performance and deeper understanding of Rothko.

The actors did a fantastic job portraying their characters, and the performance really brought the audience into the life of Mark Rothko for a little while

Outstanding! I was not aware of this play (did not know it was a Tony Award winner), but found it very powerful, moving, extremely-well acted.

acting was authentic - felt they really understood their characters in a deep way. sets, sound design contributed to a "multi-sensory" experience - very well done

Took a very personal and individual story and made it accessible and relevant to everyone.

About the Discussion:

I didn't know much at all about Rothko, so the background introduction and the discussion afterward were very informative and enhanced what was seen in the play.

It was very interesting to see the interpretation of stage management and play production from the artist/director perspective. This was something I had not experienced before.

I appreciated the fellow panelists, I was delighted by the added participation of the director and both actors, which I was not expecting, and I absolutely loved the audience participation.

Numerous subtleties that the play's Author wrote into the script and the Actors delivered were revealed in the discussion. This is not dissimilar to the difference between, say, studying Macbeth (where you can review elements of the text) and seeing a single performance "cold".

The play was moving and the additional discussions helped enhance the knowledge that was gained by the play

The discussions may be the most valuable part. Having more time and involving more of the attendees (as was done for Red) should be encouraged.

I really enjoyed the performance and felt the discussion afterwards added a lot of impact and was very beneficial.

The variety of panelists were interesting. It was nice to be able to discuss the play with the director.


The most powerful intellectual and emotional moment for me was the moment at the end of the evening when Gary Paige spoke on the importance of Rothko's experiences as a Jewish immigrant in America…. and how that tradition must have played a part in Rothko's decision to give up the Four Seasons commission.

I could imagine this format working well with any play, concert, or other performance - and I could also imagine organizing and/or attending similar events around exhibits at the Memorial Art Gallery and other area art institutions.

wonderful mix of GEVA theatre, academic, and community participants with a varied range of experience and expertise on Rothko and "Red"

This is fantastic. I've really appreciated both opportunities and look forward to more.

In my brief acquaintance with [AIM events], I have found them to be well-planned events that draw from a wide range of human inquiry and artistic expression, and model the collaborative spirit and interdisciplinary thinking for our students