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GEVA: The Mountaintop -- Comments from participants

About the Performance:

The performance was amazing….. The highlight was the compelling way in which Dr. King's struggle with his own mortality toward the end of the play was written and portrayed. It felt very genuine, and was something I could relate to.

The performance brought a figure, a period, and a major event in history to life. For me, the performance demonstrated how powerful the intersection of the arts with history could be.

The play allowed me to see a historical figure in history in a different/more human light than ever portrayed before.

Great play! To me, the emphasis was more on the struggle with ones' own mortality than portraying a particular person. However, that struggle was further emphasized by the importance of Dr. King, which demonstrated that these concerns affect even great men.

About the Discussion:

The dramaturgs and experts on the Civil Rights movement helped set the play in a strong historical context, while Skip provided insight into how that history was translated onto the stage. The combination made for very lively discussion.

It was great to hear about the panel's experiences. The panelists were excellent choices and it was great to hear from the artists involved as well.

Having the people involved in the production discuss the background and considerations when creating the play was really interesting. It was a lot of new information about Dr. King's career and personal life.

The discussion after the production was unusually stirring--off the cuff, and from the hearts, souls, and minds of the participants.


Prior to the play, I particularly benefited from learning more about the history surrounding MLK's life at the time of his assassination. With a set consisting of just a single room, it was invaluable to hear about what was going on "just outside the walls."

This was a great experience to have and I would love to participate in future events!